Monday , January 25 2021

Top 8 Athletes That Get Approved In Changes In Primary School Sports Meetings

Singapore: After last year's review, the junior section of National School Games (NSG) has been designed to suit one of the sporting competitions.

This is the aim of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to bring more learning and development experiences to primary school students in the press release of Wednesday (January 23rd).

Myth for individual sports events will be increased from the current top four spots to the top eight, where appropriate.

The MoE said that young students from nine to 11 years of age-athletes, have more opportunities to get recognition for their efforts and achievements.

Additionally, the number of pin-falls for "criteria-based belief" such as track time and time for fields and tappine bowling, will be presented in some games, "to encourage the importance of attempts for self-improvement, expertise and objective targets." MoEA said.

In order to eliminate the teams at the beginning of the tournament, the competitive forms for match-based games will change with "multiple pyramids" with "multiple apps", the MoE said that the number of matches will be doubled these teams get to play.

The age group division structure will also improve for giving opportunity to play in junior or senior departments in 11 non-contact sports based on evaluation of teachers' or coach's preparation for their 11-year-old students.

MoEA said that this is "addressing individual differences in their maturity and skill development".

The MoE said that some sports changes will also be made to make young athletes compete for the right basic game and movement skills for their age groups.

For example, basketball and floorball will play on the three-side games played on the small court, which will "less stress on complex strategic concepts and allow players to touch the ball more."

Some sports equipment in tennis will also be rotated to help students understand the right techniques.

MoEA said that regular tennis balls will be replaced with orange-dot and green-dot balls, which are "slow and lower bounce" so players can focus on proper stroke on mastering.

Additionally, in order to give more opportunities for participants to participate in the subscription rules, most of the options will be required to play at any time in the match.

At the NSG opening ceremony of 2019, Chi Hung Tait, senior minister of state for education, said, "These enhancements will allow our young athletes to enjoy their sporting experiences, to have more opportunities to participate in competitions, and to develop character and values ​​through the game." .

Some changes have already been released in 2018, the MoE said that the rest will be fully implemented by 2021.

MoE also said that the changes were part of its efforts to strengthen the "holistic development" of primary school students and enjoy playing the game.

The Ministry said, "These changes and enhancements are involved in the practices advocated by international sports organizations and are found in other countries with positive youth play practices."

NSG runs from January to August every year and has over 400 sports championships.

This year, approximately 58,000 students from Junior College and Millennia Institute of 365 primary and secondary schools – Athletes are expected to participate in 29 different sports, including badminton, canoeing, table tennis and taekwondo.

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