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Wayne Rooney: How are other countries trying to bid farewell to other countries?


To make sure Rooney is incorrect – South Gate

Very long, farewell, afte waiter, good night. Whatever the language, a vast gap, like Viney Runni, finds emotional response.

At the age of 33, the Americans scored a century in a tennis goal against England in Wembley.

The Football Association welcomed some and questioned others. But Rooney is not the first to give a good goodbye.

From the television to the Sanger family, Diego Maradona flows tears, and many other countries have honored their great health.

Wesley Sneger (Netherlands)

Sneger has received television messages from former team members, including Arsenal

Stay awake

Johan Cruyff saw good news from his colleagues who arrived at Arena's home with his family in the center of the Arena – Wesley Schneider left the Netherlands after 15 years of international cricket.

Midfielder won the Peru in Peru 2-1 in September. The former wife and two children had pre-recorded messages and managers.

The 34-year-old celebrated his international career in April 2003. The national record of 134 Caps won 31 goals.


Lukas Podolsky (Germany)

After defeating the winner, Luce Podolsky suffered a temptation

Lucas Podolsky, who understood how to go upright way.

In 2017, he scored his 130th and final match for Germany in a friendly match against England.

Former Bayern Munich and Arsenal Mann presented a presentation, and a talk was held a minute later in the evening. German fans unveiled a celebration Mosaic.

After winning the 49th international goal, the 2014 World Cup winner, along with the music from Gladiator, contained a match in honor of a partnership.

Theory Henry (France)

Thierry Henric never received his farewell match, but was honored at the pitch against Brazil

the one that got away.

In 2010, Thierry Henry hung up his international boots. Five years later, after the club announced that he would retire from football, the French newspaper 'L & E' launched a campaign to get former Cup caps of ILLIP.

Henrik, who contrasted with France for 123 times, met with Brazil in a friendly match against Brazil in March 2015. Henry was able to recover from the support of Jendain, Asnen Wenger, and Anton Gainsman.

However, former Francis Bose Raymond Domenech is not a public comment that "should not be a gift for the national team".

Instead, in France, Henry, Sidney, 1998 World Cup winners Patrick Vieira and Marcel De Césillíi were in close proximity.

David Silva (Spain)

Manchester City midfielder David Silva retired from international football after the World Cup.

Silva exhibited 125 times to his country for a World Cup twice and a European championship winner. Silva honors from Estado de Gran Canaria, Spain, Spain, Spain.

Silva, born in Gran Canaria, takes a suit with a warm, warm welcome.

Special cap of 32-year Ufaf will be provided. But it is not an official international match.

Diego Maradona (Argentina)

Fans outside of Labonmora for hours before Diego Maradona's farewell match

He has been left in one of the greatest places of all time.

In 2001, after four years of retirement from international cricket, Diego Maradona returned to Argentina's shirt for four years after retiring from the game.

Maradona's presence in Argentina's former club Boca Juniors' Bobenarya Stadium is tiring from the 50,000 crowd of tears. In Argentina, fans were on the streets for hours. A rest of the world XI.

Maradona portrayed three statues including Carlos Walderma, Renee Glugi, Lothar Matthus, Eric Cantona, and Hurst Steycheckov.

Although Argentine AF plans to retire ten shorts on Maradona's Island, it is not allowed due to FIFA regulation.

Maradona had a score of 6-3. In a 20-minute long contest, Argentina boycotted the Argentine's shirt to reveal the colors of the Boogo Juniors and the fans of Buenos Aires.

Bradman's previous Captain Michael Platini and the former Captain of Brazil have seen Michel Platini. Maradona had done a number of coverings before performing emotions.

"I will take this grave to my grave," he said.

It was an emotional context in the Argentine legend
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