Saturday , June 19 2021

"Yandex" is the first smartphone to be launched on Monday

The company has yet to announce the timing of implementation.

«Яндекс» может представить свой первый смартфон в понедельник

On November 19th, new products will be displayed, featuring Internet company "Yandex", featuring "Yandex.Phone." The popularity of the portal "Vedomosti". This implies their own sources. .

Upcoming presentation to the user is the new search engine, new features of new products.

It has 4 GB operating memory, 64 GB permanent memory, 5.65 inch display and full HD resolution. Availability of technology, and unrelated NFC payments.

Index price – about 20 thousand rubles. China has a smartphone.

"Yandex" has been registered with a unified register of notifications of cryptographic tools and products of your products, which was named "Yandex.Phone" in July this year. The company plans to release its own gadget.

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