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Your attitude and behavior can affect the weather


My husband was shocked when I moved to Sydney with my family for a few years from Sydney.

When I was dear in great weather, his mental condition took a diving.

"It never changes," he extinguished.

"It's boring."

My mood was like sunny in the sky on the other side. If this theory increases the feelings of Sunshine happiness, I'm surprised that we have had the same resistance to similar situations.

Think about how much you reflect on your life – you are days of celebrations and holidays, you can check out in the morning to help you decide what to wear, and of course it will affect the activities of the participants in it, that is, on a clear day, the park or the malattulliyil tukkiyi Tirikkuka.

But what about your mood and the overall emotional beauty?

Some scientists believe that climate and behavior are of great influence in our attitudes and behaviors.

"Climate change affects our weather through global warming and leads to increasing mental health problems," said Sydney University University of Climate Change, Mental Health Professor Dr. Says helen berry.

Some think it's more complicated. Nick Haslam, professor of psychology at the Melbourne University, explains: Light is darker and more darker than darker, darker and more complex than sex. .

"For example, if you live in a terrible environment, for example, it will be bad if it's unusual," said Hassam.

"If you can reduce the temperature, your heat will have adverse effects on your heat.

Read on to find some amazing ways that may affect your mood.

Cloud and Delve

Are you happy? Wrong.

Research done by psychologists at New South Wales University is a focus on mental matters. When it moods your mood, your mood can ease your mood when your mood is low.

When we wait on the rainy days, many things are reminiscent of three things three times.

In poor self-mindedness, people are more confident and more confident in the way they give people more confidence and focus more on their environment.

"People do well in tasks that focus their attention on the outside world in contrary adverse conditions," says Hassam.

Long, sunny day

When your skin gets sunlight, Vitamin D produces and promotes hormones which promotes serotonin production of your brain. Sunlight means more melaton – the hormone that indicates the time for the bed.

Sunlight means more energy, says Haslam.

This & # 39; s happiness & # 39; The other parts of your life will be affected – one finds that in a US study, people have given more decent tips in sunny days, and in French study, women have become more aware of the progressive progress of the sun.

Again, Hazlam does not have these simple reasons-unexpected scenarios: "Sunny season often takes a vacation, so they're probably more relaxed."

Heat or rainflight EXTREME

Sunny days will improve your mood, but the heat may become stressful when warm heat changes.

In fact, violence and violence are growing.

"The excessive heat is rising, rape, domestic violence, rioting and provocation," said the senior psychologist at the Australian Psychological Society. According to Susie Burke.

This is because the global warming is expected to become much hotter in the decades.

An analysis at the University of California at Berkeley University found that analysis, intensity of heat, intensity rainfall, etc. – was characterized by personality and personal violence, intrusion, conflict, and wars.

Why, why did this put forward various experts.

A theory states that the body and the discomfort will be affected by physical stress. Another thing is that more and more people are out and hot days have more opportunities for crimes.

The bunk removes people with mental health problems especially from heat accidents.

"People with mental illness have some mental illnesses because some mental illnesses are not very efficient, some can be difficult to breathe for the body's physical disorders."

If the rain is too heavy, your turmoil will increase, and the burger adds.

"Tropical rainfall will cause more attacks, because people do not feel about their well-being."

Fresh water and liquid

"Drought and floods – which are caused by severe weather – are increasing the physical and emotional stress of the people, which is the loss of income and the collapse of social structures."

Such incidents may cause psychological confrontation, but Burke adds that such events will strengthen social bonds.

"The intensity of weather disasters will often survive the discomfort and survival, but after a few days the tragedy will find that there is a rebound or honeymoon phase that has great solidarity and cooperation, aesthetic and helpful."

"We have a full sense of everything together, strangers will come together to help each other, and the spirit of the society will strengthen."

So if the sun is shining and the clouds block its rays, your mood can fail – either better or worse.

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