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A Japanese scientist makes a kimera around the entree. It connects a rat to a human

Jap gave the local scientist a room for a somewhat controversial experiment. If everything goes according to his plan, then he makes the so-called Kimera. In fact, it plans to insert human cells into the animal embryo, which transforms it into a so-called host.

They grow out of cells over time Made to measure Human organs and they save lives later. With no longer waiting for a donor, patients undergo significant transplantation MoreAs it is these days. The question is just how to do it Hiromatsu Nakauchi Struggling with moral barriers.

Sci .This news has been published on scientific websites NatureGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The combination of human cells with animal cells literally annoys many of us. What if Kimira regains consciousness and starts demanding independence? There are more questions than answers, and it forces us to live in the cross of two different mammalian cells. Very carefulGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Strict boundaries need to be set and respected.

Mice or mouse

Animal embryos should come from the body of either a mouse or a mouse, not from a monkey, as in the case of the success of Spanish scientists who stopped the process before birth. Therefore, we did not get any real results. This time though it should go up significantly MoreGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The ultimate goal of the Japanese explorer is to create effective hosts for the cultivation of human organs. One day they ripen right into the animal's body, waiting for them Transfer Entering an unwanted person's body to correct bad health.

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