Tuesday , January 31 2023

A new generation of Opel Astra will be built in the British Voxhall plant


The new generation of Opel Astra will be prepared only in the British Voxhall plant if the satisfactory brakesite agreement is reached. The plant owner, told by French group PSA Peugeot-Citroen.

PSA further said that it will invest in Opel Plant in Russelsham, Germany, where Opel Astra will be built from 2021. However, its decision is conditional on accepting new vehicle manufacturing contracts with Trade Unionists. It concerns the executive procedures and conditions.

At present, Opel Astra is also built in the British port of Alsmere Port and in the Polish city Gliwice in Cheshire.

PSA Group has pointed out that the final decision on the production of a new generation of this model at Elsmemi Port, opened in 1962, depends on the terms of future UK and EU Union Exitutions and approval of new vehicle contract. Negotiations with United. Industry sources said that for PSA, there is a commitment to simplify the business after minimal brakesite.

Creating a new model on Elsmemi Port will help ensure the future of the plant, which is indefinable in taking the control of the Vauxhall in PSA 2017. According to the original plan, Alsmeme Port should be one of the two plants which will make new Astra from 2021. .

The factory is currently producing an old version of Astra, but its sales have fallen and the number of employees in the factory has reduced to takeover.

Britain's car production has been falling for almost a year due to the uncertainty of Bracket. In the recent months, the UK automotive industry has lost a lot of defeats, while Honda announced that it will close the Swindon plant in 2021.

Ford also said that the bridge engine of South Wales will close in September 2020 and lose 1700 jobs.

Japanese manufacturers including Nissan after the referendum warned the London government that uncertainty around Brackets is not helping them to make "future plans". At the beginning of this year, Nissan decided to build another X-Trail in Japan at the end and not in Sunderland. (Guardian, Tasar)

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