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Actor Marin Gaylsberg († 64) passed away


Another prominent figure in the Slovak Theater remains.

At the age of 65, the famous Slovak actor Marin Giesberg died on Saturday. It was confirmed by the secretary of SND ECEBEA POSTCODA for TASR.

Actor and musician Marine Gaysberg, who plays characters in dramatic situations, through his theatrical works and at the beginning of his career. Dozens count Slavic Films and series, Since 1992 he worked at the Slovenia National Theater (SND).

Mariana Jasbergh was born in the Netherlands on December 23, In 1979 he graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He worked at the SONOPAC Theater in Prattov, then the SNP Theater in Martin. Since 1988 he is the Trvava Theater for Children and Youth (today Janpal Theater). From 1992 he was a member of the National Theater of the Slovak National Theater. However, the theaters in Bratislava realized him from the theater.
In 1982, she starred in The Harves of the Hearts on Steam film directed by Stephen Uhr. Along with Marian Zednikovič, he created an important character in the film Carol Whole of Voles (Stanislav Pernica, 1985).

Marin Giesberg Open gallery

He earned many other actors in three serials such as Anatol (Jan Semen, 1988), Albeben Door (Andrzej Lettit, 1986), and Scottovic (Peter Miguelik, 1991). He then starred in Lala Khos (2000). Or Mary Potlatan, popular director How the Crocodile Knox (2006) began with the popular popular movie How To Ride a Whale. In 2007, he starred in the screenplay of director Juraj Nivot Musika, in the theme of famous writer Petra Pisakanga. In 2009, he starred in the Janosik-True History. (Directed by Agnieska Hollando and Kassia Amyakovyov) You do not know in the movie … (Dan Stuttg, 2009).

Marin Giesberg Open gallery

Czech photography gave Marion Gaesborg another attraction, an opportunity to use the comedy revival (Alice Nellis, 2013). He was one of the four musicians to come back to the stage.

One of the new series, Old Town Crysan (2010) and Gympal are examples. Marion Gaysberg presented the films Red Mouse (Mitchell Guller, 2016), Czech Ferrett comedi Cherrovo Pero (Marque Najbraat, 2018).

Marion Gaysberg, Bratit Jurgova, J úžasná, Querette, Madam Boever or L + S Studio. He was seen as a glossary of the sedan's television series. He published articles, poems and poems. In November, he joined the UMK band at the Music Quartet Residual Fifth Annual Season at the Theater Festival in Ruseino, Bratislava. It was held in SND in 2010. Replay and CD-ROMs have been published.

One songwriter, Marine Giesberg Oskoy (1998), Neladi-Nevadi (2002), Aahah biography: Marin Gaibeberg and Daniela Daniszowova (2003). (1998), Go Through the Threshold and Shut the Water (2005). He was awarded the Joseph Kroner Award in 2001. For the performance of Simon Gray Benedict at the end of the game.

His sister is sister Nanavati. There are two of his writings. Both were involved in art history. Martin Giesberg is a playwright and musician by Marque Gayesberg, a musician and actor.

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