Friday , January 27 2023

Actress Meg Ryan has a great novel


Meg Ryan (55) and musicologist John Melancompes (67) were out first, but in 2017 they fell in love again. Their relationship changed for a while.

A few days ago, guesses about what they can guess. One of the halloween parties, Meg, came with a lovely gem of his memorable ring. On Thursday, the actress on social networks published a photo with the arrival of a child in which she "engages!" Wrote.

The couple began to date in 2010, but after five years they announced a break. "I liked Meg Ryan, but she hates death" Quoted by John Online Portal, John Online's online portal. The psychologist admitted he was behaving like a kid and was still fake and still complained about it. As they say, the old love of burden, and in 2017 they came to each other again.

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