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Blind people start watching: Experts test progressive bionic eye

The chip behind the retina
The chip behind the retina

Leading French company Pixium Vizen undergoes intense testing of its groundbreaking bionic eye. Five people participated in the so-called macular degeneration, which comes with old age, and the result is clear. Blind people just won't be able to read the text again in the near future.

They take care of everything special Of glasses With a built-in camera, through which the visual information goes ChipWhere they are later converted to electric HintGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

The signal then travels to the brain and receives the person in that moment Overview About what is in her nearest neighborhood. Technology in this way Reset Disruptive communication between the Entry Authority and the Authority through which the information captured is processed.

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Camera glasses

However, there is a special need for bionic eye function. Must be the chip Transplant Retina, therefore, requires relatively difficult surgery. Without it, the camera mara glasses are completely useless, so there is no other way at the moment.

Test successful

In the meantime, Pixium Vision has already been realized First intense testsGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Five French people were involved in the process, and as they write The New Scientist, Each one can Again Read the textGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Of course, it was still not perfect.

Technology is still in its infancy, so it will take a few years to get a piece that will be able to restore almost complete vision. But we are moving on Good wayGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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