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Creative Super X-Fi, sold in the US After successful completion in Singapore, 99% customers are satisfied


SFIF, which successfully won Singapore on November 1, 2018, from Europe in 2019 before the US Orders

After successful successful completion of Super X-by-Hogholic Holography in Singapore, in January 2019, the pre-order of the new SXIFF was announced by Europe. The SXIE Ampe and CES 2018's Best Award (AVS Forum) is the first performance of Super X-Fi technology. The new SXIFI has achieved the record of 99 per cent of the most satisfied customers. The SXIE ARP combines premium X-ray technology with premium dongle USB dongle amplifier.

We were amazed at the Super X-Fi response. Thousands of people took their SXiIam Arm by weeks. We've got a good response from a range of random customers from different regions who have experienced the winter waking up of the Super X-Fi, and Mono's music even live "Concert" Director of Sales of Super X-Fi, Darren Nathan said.

"We are proud that 99% of consumers teannunnuvennatil ampiykk eseksai'ai'eph wonderful. This is my pratiksakalekkal much. Frankly, I'm happy to have reached up to 80 per cent. Therefore, we give thanks for their support to all our customers. That's our team has worked so hard. Yathart As yamenna adhikarikatayakkuka hedpheanukalute your voice. " Creative Technologies Managing Director Sim Wong Hoo said that he is the creator of Super X-Fi technology.

"I will not give up 1% of the remaining, now we realize that they can better understand their demands and support super-X-ray technology to save its beauty." "This is my personal goal, which allows every user of the headphones to enjoy this super X-Fi magic, as it turns from black and white to color, from CES 2018 to Las Vegas, we have a lot of questions about America and its world. Preparing this advanced technology available in the US. Many sophisticated technicians and bloggers were surprised at the SXFI Amp. Many of them labeled the editor's choices and other best ratings: Playing games, watching movies or listening to music is definitely better with the Amperefair in my audio experience. With each device, it brought the real lawn sound. The Best Super X-Fi Amp is the beginning of headset technology.– Trevor Tan, Deputy Tech Editor, Straight Times, SXFI Ampe "Struts Times Tech Editor Choice" The sound of the future.

"Listening to some of Michael Jackson's hits has brought me back to my youth, let's close the door and go to my high-fi system. The sounds of the music are now even more beautiful, and music videos and music recorders make me coolPaul Mah and South China Imitation Post, CreativeScIiAI ReviewReview: Wonderful sound that changes the sound of your headphones.

The name was made much earlier in the Singapore Company and Digital Audio, and technology is a miracle. After more than a week of testing, I can tell you that this is true. The sound is very attractive … "– Alfred Swin, TechGoond article article: Creative gives the magic of its ultimate supermodel, SXI. SXFI Amp Editors Choice Award.

Q: What does this SXIPE offer? Let's admit that it's true. When that is on, the voice goes out as you hear on a home theater. Click & # 39;– Aloyius Low, CNET, in the article "Here is the creative SXFI side, the creative hogography technology is okay – so it's yours."

"Using SXIFIC technology, you will never hear the sound you hear ever before." Sherwin Loh, Geek of Cultural, from the article "Geek Review: Creative SXI AMP"He was nominated for the Editor Choice Award.

Television also bought the SINGLE LIMS, the SIIEF for the Singapore screen. The following is a natural response after listening to the Super X-Fi: , I remember you watched YouTube, that it looks like Mr. Mallorrea is the same as turning black and white from color to color. I think he's not going … I first realized that when I first saw online $ 219, I was skeptical. This is a big step rather than a transition to color television. So I would expect it further. Such a price is available to everything, and if you do not set it up, you are cutting yourself. " Read the full conversation here:

Mark Heninger (AVS forum editor, world's largest sound entoistist forum) Super X-Fi, "I heard video games, and that voice was a madman." More reviews can be found here.

Super X-Fiction the work

Imagine the sound of a multi-speaker system and imagine that this experience will recreate the sound track, the 3D, the attraction and the authenticity of the same depth and detail. This 3D holography is like a magic, but it's like audio headphones.

Using the cutting-edge preisation technologies to capture the sound system of the sound system in a three-dimensional space, the X-Fi is designed to draw the same breath-taking voice to the headphones.

Our ear shape and the structure of the head are different for all we hear. Super X-Fi artificial intelligence uses the person's ear and head shape, a complex algorithm, super-x-Fi, headphones and the use of a headphones to create a soundtrack.

Price and availability• SXIFI AMP will not cost US $ 149.99 and will be available at US Preorder on November 1, 2018. • Saxford Entertainment will be available for sale in January 2015 • Workforce Europe offers their reservation on / amp- european union

First SXIF app purchases are available for their 69 dollar surveys of over-the-air super X-Fi earphones. This offer will be available for limited time and lapse period.

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