Monday , March 20 2023

DANGO will try to resurrect again


When a hard-working job is recorded, the parliament's Chief Justice of the Opposition demands appeal of indirectness.

Andrej Danko, the national council of the Slovak Republic, faces the opposition to pull back from power. The opposition gave her a proposal to call for an extraordinary meeting to hear David's unbelief. The Chief Minister of Parliament has convened a meeting to call within seven days. On 21st November he called to him. His spokesman Tomas Costelnik said.

"It is a shame that Antzin Danko is going to withdraw the foreign songs and is in a state of disgrace in a country where we have to work and one like Andre Danko could not see Parliament speaker," said Zeus president Richard Suleki. Vice President Lucia Duri Nicholson (SaS) condemned the Plagiarism. "The bottom line for foreign songs is unacceptable," she said.

Progressive Slovakian, added that Martin Polynion, a member of the extra parliament, now decides that he is the urban profile profile of Slovakia.

"The narrative of our western civilization means that if anyone is a cheating man, he should resign," he said. MEP Marak Kraski said that SR's citizens deserve to know how Danko wrote his hard work. I believe he will explain at the meeting, "he said.

He took up the challenge

"Andrej Dangko, chairwoman of the Slovak Republic National Council, accepted the invitation of the deputies to call a meeting on Tuesday (November 20), which will be convened on Wednesday at 9 am," Costelnik said.

Opposition deputy leader Dano was trying to get rid of the office in November. The conference program could not approve a sufficient deputation, so there was no appeal. The condition must now be different.

Last week, Danko advised Danko to support the inauguration of the meeting and will support its allies. He wants the members to vote for his person. He talked about the collapse of the alliance with the Alliance.

Much good will support the inauguration of the church, but it does not say how to protect the sessions. Bel boger party has said that Dengo should make a personal decision a few days ago. Donskom has been criticized by the SNC. Barracker admitted that there was tension between his party and the CISC. But even the early elections can not be said.

The director blocked him

In the Smerging SD side, Danga stopped working in a hard job. He is considered by the Supreme Council of Demo as the designated chairman of the National Council of Free Democrats.

Last week, Dancin was repeating his work as a conscience or a conscience.

"According to the applicable laws and technologies over time," he added. We are still running into law and that an article or Facebook status that Dr. Dolco believes is unlawful, blamed, or murdered.

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