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Diabetes creates a risk of heart attack. But this will affect the influence of modern medicine. Diabetes leads the Slovak Diabetes Association and its educational portals


BRATISLAVA, November 16, 2018 (WBN / PR) – A person is infected with diabetes every 7 seconds. The most common cause is heart attack and 65% of diabetes is the cause of death worldwide. To support diabetes, the Slave Diabetes Association and its Educational Portal created the. New treatment and treatment with patients are ready. #OneThing Campaign – One thing you need to know – highlights the cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes. This is your heart – save it!

Now 387 million diabetes live in the world, and their number rises sharply in over 400,000 Slovakians. This disease affects all the duration of diabetes. The most common complications in preventing diabetes include blood transfusions, and those with diabetes are 5 times higher than healthy adults. The organs, especially the arteries that impede the bloodstream, are suffering from diabetes, which can reduce or "hinder" their interest. Particularly dangerous is the risk of heart disease, brain damage, low member arteries or airborne breathing. Heart failure is caused by heart disease or sudden death.

Diabetes can lead to heart failure. It will reduce the ability to maintain the heart. Liquid formation, respiratory distress and retention of fluid on lower limbs. The risk of cardiovascular risk is three times as much as diabetes, but it can often lead to cardiovascular disease. 65% of diabetes patients over 65 years of age are associated with heart attack.

"In recent years, a heart-related illness in the Slovak Republic has been a stroke of heart attacks, and the number of these hospitals still rises, and the diagnosis of diagnosis has not been diagnosed as a result of heart failure." Primary warning. Document. MD. Eva Gonsalves, CSC

In Slovakia, recent projects have been completed in the past. Death rates, death, complications of blood circulation and the use of modern diabetic therapies are substantially improving patient projects, according to other major studies. Type 2 diabetes also resulted in 1301 patients four years later and four years later. 79 patients died during this period, with an average mortality of 15 people / thousands per year per year. The main causes of death were heart related diseases and events. Heart rate patients are very low in pregnancy (up to 5% (4% 22 years) within a non-cardiac patient (4.5%).

Photo: Slovak Diabetes Association

Compared to the results of other European countries, the study suggests that cardiac arrhythmia in Slovakia is crucial and more than half of such patients are unaware. That is why they do not get enough treatment. For one reason why a Diabetesist can not perform ECG exams, he could not give insurance. "Patients suffering from diabetes and heart failure have a very bad interpretation of the disease because they have an average survival of four years, Instructions doc. MD. Emil Martinka, PhD, President of the Slovak Diabetes Association, Mayor of National Diabetes Center

The good news that emerged from all over the world was that using a modern resistance in Slovenia, diabetes not only glycemia, but also up to 38% to reduce heart rate and heart rate up to 35%. But in Slovakia, 17% of these patients have the same needs, which is very low. The main reason for limiting the limits of the modern cure is that the limitations on the treatment given by the insurance company indicate that it is not appropriate for the current comment. In addition, ZP's current efforts to create reimbursement groups of drugs are one way to make a significant reduction in the availability of modern medical care due to the increase in patients. So the Slovak Diabetes Association called the Minister and did not take any steps in such development.

The Slovak Slavic Diabetes Association (SDIA) is a civilian body, joint co-operation of doctors and diabetes mellitus patients. SDA's primary mission is to improve the quality of care for patients with diabetic patients and its conditions. Doctors working in diabetes, diabetic patients, patients with diabetes, co-operatives, and social and cultural life span of diabetes. The SDIA uses the mission of its mission to communicate and coordinate with state administrators, self-government, health care networks and professional societies and health insurance companies. The main forms of the SDIA are education, education and the sick and creating educational projects for doctors. SDIA operates on professional companies, patient organizations, and internationally. The mediation of diabetes plays a major role in educating about this disease.

Patients with Patients' Patients Often have to look for answers to their questions, problems and solutions, often misleading information and targeted business practices. They do not know the information about the ways to eat, live, cooperate, self-examine, or self-examine for their rights, social skills or the possibility of modern treatment or complications. "For patients, we create a comprehensive education lesson where they have most of their questions and answers to their basic knowledge, dietary principles, social problems, long term diet plans, care principles, treatment options, answers to pregnancy and sports questions, Primary closes. Document. MD. Emil Martingka, PhD.

Portal Discover guides about how to prepare a tasty healthy diet or how to make Christmas recipes. For instance, boiling is boiled at the National Endocrinology and Diabetics Institute in Ubukanyi, as recommended by the precisely carbohydrate units. The education portal will help to avoid the usual bad habits, such as eating unforgettable food, improper eating, more food than necessary, or eating dietary habits from other diabetes. Pay attention to the importance of diabetes. By correct education, patients should either avoid or eliminate the food and, on the other hand, they need their food.

#OneThing campaign or the only kind of thing you need to know This diagnosis highlights the number of new pa ents taking into account the increased risk of heart disease. Experts highlight insufficient education for Type 2 diabetes and risk factors for this disease. The number of newly diagnosed patients is an annual increase. The World Diabetes Day campaign gives you the chance to reduce heart attacks and heart attacks. #OneThing; # Ebjdadnardcheche; #IbaJednaVec works and reports about social networks.

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