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Does she marry the world's top model with her marriage?


Does her marriage break him? A few days ago, Swiss tennis player Sliven Benedikova was a new man after him. She did not go far, however, and her bed was finished by Slovakian coach Martin Hormakovich (36). Belinda, do you know that she gets married?

In the conversation of Swiss bloc, the former World 7, whose parents are Swiss bloc, is the fitness coach of his team, his new partner. "It was a little unexpected, but now I say that it's an ideal condition. When I'm in Slovakia, we can be together. Martin is just the best for me," Member of the TC Empire Tranavah said.

Girl caught Slovakia: see that the father is a pretty start up player!

During the Wimbledon, they started making a little pair. Her pair on the Grass Grand Slam should be closer to her than usual. "We are together and it is also best for me, even on the side of the game. When I train, it is my coach, we can separate private and professional life." Accepted in Bangkok.

Hrokovic played football in the lower Austrian competition of SV St. Marjorith, but it ended up acting in the team. "Changes in his career are related to tennis professional training." The club announced the departure of the 192 centimeter player. The question is whether he will "act" with his legitimate wife. On the social network, she has a wedding photo and many people love Czech checker supermodel Denisa Davrakova, who also has a name for Hormokovicova. Dad is more than three years old.

A year ago, Dennis said to Emma that her recipe for one's happy marriage honors each other. But now we respect her husband's decision to change his face as a famous tennis player, we do not know. But we understand their passions, because both are spreading in the world, and there is not enough time for marriage. They are looking for a closer look and Martin got it.

Dvorak sees you with sexy models shots!

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