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Fateful Man of Anna Šišková: Musicians, directors and … 15-year-old actor!


Anna Šišková was born in Žilina on June 30, 1960. During her studies in gymnasium, she was dragging her in acting. After graduation, she became a member of the Jonas Zaboborsi Theater in the Prisūshv.

This was seen by Anna Schoen in 1993.

Anna Šišková

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Blonde works in many theaters. There are a number of them on Concert (Zaborova, Airport, Throw Groundhog, Hot Blood, Cuckoo, Secret Lives, Sisters) and films (Their Help, Cruel Pleasure, Little Celebration, Bratislavfeld, Dirt).

We are Anna Šišková in the movie to help

Anna Šišková

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Fire chicken in the fire Šišková range.

Anna Šišková

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Laughing actress was not very pink in her love life. As a young woman, she fell in love with musician Jaro Philip, at which time she got married. Shishka gave her daughter Dorothy. However, director Juraj Navata raised this. There is a daughter Theresa with them.

Juraj Navata

Fateful Man of Anna Šišková:

Anna Šišková with daughter Teresa

Fateful Man of Anna Šišková:

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However, the marriage of Navua and Šišková was marked by infidelity. The 15-year-old junior boy fell in love with Juraj Kika. When his romance grew, the director gave divorce to the actress. Because, too.

Juraj Kika and Anna Šišková met on stage together in 2015.

Fateful Man of Anna Šišková:

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During filming of the film final station, Šišková met director Jiri Chlumský. After 25 years of marriage, she divorced because of Šišková and later married her. About a year and a half later, he was replaced by a young woman.

Anna Šišková and Girly Chlumský

Jiri Chlomsky and Anna

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