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First month after childbirth: What to do and forget?

The first week after childbirth is sometimes difficult for parents to live with. They advance in advance because they look at other families and their lives with their child, but eventually they all fall apart. They suddenly do not accept their views, but they take a small compartment. Specifically, the first month is completely different and during this period they may forget the many benefits of the past.

1. Sleep

Only at least couples can enjoy a quiet child at home where they will sleep. In addition, for the first month, you are still looking for your system, so do not forget about the peace of your mind. Slip is the biggest problem in almost all parents, besides, it is very difficult to quit.

2. After every breastfeeding the child will take care of you

This is just an ideal condition, but this is not the same case. Parents often walk with their children, chase them on their backs and try to take some time.

However, many children can not do this, and do not have digestive problems yet. So if you do not, then you do not have to worry. If something went wrong, the bust will often cry and you know you have to try other options too.

3. Refuse to help others

You will find it useful in the first days when someone will take care of you and you do not need to clean it. But then you need some privacy. Despite all the appeals, you will find it easy to find, the desire to help does not stop. All the people around you bring you a month or a little time and you just have to endure their presence and they will have to wait for their recovery.

4. Easy cooking of food

After a humming, a little kid will spend a lot of time. But their awakened intervals are very common. So, when you want to cook something cool, do it better than before and sometimes at night when it is very hard sleeping. Otherwise, you should continue continuously, wash your hands, and you do nothing.

Everyone wants to see it

First-month visits will be sought in terms of visits. Everyone understands that you need to find a rule and relax, but at the same time everyone wants to see a new person as possible. So the other thing you can forget is a family stereotype without visits. You will try to gather as much as possible during one visit, because you can all get them together and then get more free days.

6. Visit the toilet without any inconvenience

During the six month period, you are slowly recovering after delivery. The first day after childbirth is most shameful, while the wound is still fresh and then it is the most burning and injured. Then you use it in a piece and the wound will be silent, but the unpleasant feeling remains almost the same in the next month. In particular, you will have a big need to miss, without which you would prefer to take it.

7. Let him cry

Before you give birth, you are imagining how you will block your parents and let them pay their babies to use it in your care. But if you bring it home, you will forget everything. As you cry, you want to bear it and get it well. In addition, listening to long crying is not pleasant, so you try to make it as easy as possible.

8. From the first moment you will be a social mom

Every baby after birth is still very sensitive and does not have well-developed immune system. So experts caution that especially during the first month parents should be careful. You should take your child to a large company of people who are infected with influenza or other infectious disease.

He does not like many such sounds, so be careful about this. If you want to be an active social mom, then wait a bit and then go to the café and other places.

9. Comparison

Perhaps you and your partner are one of those couples who are going through pregnancy because they will not be able to compare with other parents. As you have your father in your hand, you will change. Instead, you will see that it is developing properly, even if its colleagues and such comparative commentator will do your behavior with other guardians.

And it is true that parental illusion is associated with it because it is true that your child is exceptional and best, so each other is worse than you.

10. If you do not manage immediate breastfeeding, you can do this

Before you become pregnant, look at the women who are worried about the milk advisor, and yet difficult to trigger the milk. Some do not even administer food to the child with artificial supplementation.

When the reality comes, you understand how difficult it is. When you are additionally crying emotional imbalances and hungry baby, you're quick to justify all the women you got previously angry.

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