Tuesday , May 17 2022

Galaxy S10 will offer 12 GB RAM and 1 TB storage!


Next flagship from company workshop Samsung Comes to well-stored hardware counters. If the new speculation is true, Galaxy S10 It should be equipped with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB of internal storage.

At least, hard-core Hong Kong analysts say, by quoting the server Ithome Including Gadgets360. Will run 5th Edition Ships with Second Highest price The manufacturer is called in the internal environment "Beyond X".

By the end of February, we will probably look at the end of February 4 new high-end smartphones With an icon Samsung. Three (apparently Light, Classic and 5G) will represent three different versions Galaxy S10, While the fourth offers A folding structure And flexible Infinite Flex Display

Available information suggests that in addition to the 5th version of flagship ships, 12GB RAM and 1TB internal storage 6.7 inches Display panel Or 5 cameras, 3 of which are placed behind the smartphone and 2. The number of photo sensors in each model is different.

We can also look forward to 4 color versions With so-called color transitions (Slopes). If they meet everyone, we will not know, but some of them certainly do. The selection should be white, black, yellow and green, inclusive Ceramic construction For most demand customers

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