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In Moron, they want to improve the conditions for tourism, they plan to look out for the lookout and electric bikes.

They plan both lookout and electric bikes. There is also a park with attractions for children.

24. November 2018 to 20:59 TASR

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MURÁŇ. Rental of electric bicycles, which can be used as a frustrating place for export to the Muransky castle and for non-trained travelers as a lookout tower in Horco. These two main objectives are that Municipal Muran in Revka district wants to implement in the near future to promote tourism in this area.

"It's not just a Mournski fort, but there is also a connection – those visitors come in the village where they have coffee, coffee or a bouquet of our usual mursa, and if they are interested, then they may be called Mayor Roman Goldschmid, Wants to start a rental shop in the season.

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Muransky Castle is one of our high monuments and its castle is 9 090 meters from the exit of the castle, the selected road and two hours to two hours. According to Mayer, he wants to offer less attractive tourists another scenario with panoramic view, which is ready to make a look tower on the hill above the village.

"There is a pavement in the tower of these sights, and we also plan to park a park with children's attractions, which are located in Nizhnyk Dolina, where the room is still, and in the past we were Drake-drop climbers, but they returned," Goldschmiedt Said. , That he wants to make some new parking spaces for the castle visitors. "There are so many cars in the season and sometimes it's really a problem to park," he added.

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