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In the Portugal Finals (League of Nations)

Portugal went to last tournament.

18 Nov 2010 at 11:05 am SITA

Milan. The Portuguese football players took part in the League of Nations Final Tournament.

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The first Division in the Division of the Third group was the first in the 5th round of the Italian court, which competed directly into the first division.

In Milan San Seyer 73,000 participated. However, the Fernando Santos Focus, who is in the second place, has two points for the Italians.

Portugal, the third partner, until the last moment at the BV against Portugal.

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They won without Ronald

The Portuguese players will be inducted in June 2016 to ensure the security of their final tournament. Even their biggest star, Christian Ronald.

Juventus player Thurin goes through the national team. He lost in the first two LL Druing victories.

We have difficulties in the final phase of the game, it's harder than we thought, and it was difficult for us to retire from the Italians who played a big game in hockey, "said Portuguese coach Fernando Santos.

While the European Football University is hosting the trophy on December 3, the organizers of the Portugal final have not yet confirmed it.

Port Stadium, Estadi Diaggo and Guararashesi (Estadio di Abonson).

There are ten questions in five centimeters

Although Italy failed to retain its fourth title, it had just emerged from a competition. In the recent past, "Dark" is shining for a better time.

In the rest of the season, the Italians performed well, dominated pitch and got more opportunities in front of the crowd.

Finally, the sixth zero was behind. Four LL performances have two goals.

"I do not think we need to solve a problem and problems, and here we have 5 cm and ten things," Italian coach Roberto Mancini said, "Italian jerseys have a strong local domination.

"We're going to fix our assault on the way, we thought, we went a step further, we could finally get rid of a little bit, and we could do that."

FIFA World Cup 2014: Fifth round of European Football League of Nations 2018:

Group 3:

First Portugal 3 2 1 0 4: 2 7 A procedure
Sec Italy 4 1 2 1 2: 2 5
Third Poland 3 0 1 2 3: 5 1 One race

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