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In the Tatras there will be a record number for the chest – Mountain – Travel


The results of this autumn's rock collection are surprising to the experienced zoologists. The expectations that the number of farmers will be lower than a year ago after a very demanding winter has not been confirmed yet. On the contrary. Both notes on the Slovak and Polish sides of Tatier.

According to the results of the autumn calculations, the game will be in the field
Tatra National Park is a winter 1,418 zerge. This number is still
has exceeded the current maximum since autumn 2014 when it was added to the census sheets
1 389 people were recorded.

On Tatier's Slovak side this year 1010 envelopes were filled, of which
There were 75 puppies. In Poland, the number of farmers exceeded for the first time
the limit of four hundred. Of the 421 subjects, 46 were offspring.

"Although we took a smaller number, we confirmed that we were
they spoke in the spring when we said that although there were many deaths
early ugly conclusions and wait for the fall
when the puppies are bigger and more active. now
we also recorded the weather that resembled the previous years
ideally "commented on the results of the autumn census Jozef Hybler,
the zoologist of TANAP National Forest, the main organizer of the festival
regular incense stones.

Most chamomile has traditionally been in the Bela Tatras. surprise
as well as numerous settlements that have not been present in recent years. whether
the Široka, Hlinská or Žabia Bielovodská valley.

"Although in winter it was a dramatic look, nature is ours
that we do not have to worry if death is just a collision,
mainly from the weather and not from the disease. From the census results
we see that the gains are for losses and probably numbers
last year's records did not fit the real state.
Kamizkov had to be even more, "added the zoologist.

In the Tatra National Park, the bark comes from the
almost seven decades ago. During the two-day set he was in the field
about two hundred people. TANAP State Forest, Chamois's employees
the officials of TANAP and PIENAP were also counted with colleagues
the Polish Tatrzańskiego Park Narodowego and other volunteers.

In the Alpine environment, many bears were also found
the wolves and the Polish side of deer also saw three eagle rocks.

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