Monday , March 1 2021

IPhone X broke when upgrading to iPhone X 12.1! Apple is already investigating all the events

The explosions smartphones are not the features of Samsung and Mobile. 9. From time to time, other mobile phones that fail to act and act will be reported on the media. For example, a man named Rahal Mohammed from Washington, who exploded in his old iPhone X.

This has happened when updating to the latest version of iOS 12.1. In his Twitter post he explained his problems and added several photos of his iPhone. "@Apple, iPhones X is starting to blaze at the time of iOS update and what's going on here?" Mohammed writes.

Gadgets 360 decided to find more and address the man himself. When he entered the socket in his cell last Wednesday, he burned his piece. Finished with the update and turned on mobile, black smoke began to come out of its interior. Even It started burning. Rahul Mohamad claims he is using an Apple lighting cable from Apple and Apple in the iPhone.

Source: / @rocky_mohamad

Apple has started an event. For Apple's official support, Twitter writes that the blast will not be natural and that the issue will be solved by private message. It was later posted on Twitter Apple will next meet on Tuesday, and Apple sent an iPhone for further investigation. After the iPhone's iPhone, the iPhone has reported a further 12.1 update. Even in this case, Apple has asked the customer to solve the problem through a private message.

We have not yet heard other issues with the new iOS in iPhone XII 12.1. Many users do not seem to complain after updating their mobile phones by exploiting or exploiting too much. This is why some conclusions can not be reached, so that's why Apple wanted to wait to investigate everything.

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