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Kafara Arena: A sharp SV in the beginning Hundreds of 5.2 seconds – News – Auto


The first independent model of the Security Cell category is the Cup. The benefits of the SUV are combined with Dynamic Driving Dynamics. All sides of this car have been adjusted. It has about 300 horsepower.

Aattakka is a sharp ...

Attend Identity Identity Identity
A sharp picture. Wide joints and hollow join
Bronze logo and cup list.
Author: Cup

Capra is leading a unique life in the spring. She introduced herself to Geneva
Your first product – Copper Ataco – the first creative model you want
Sita's logo was searched physically. SVV The selection is logical. Boom in this segment
It continues, sharp at a stroke. The seat is convincing
Attraction of new users, centered
Mainstream, premium class. Watch this at a glance. At the computer
She did not really care. The amazing "tugging" is beyond us
Cup is represented by common derivatives
Seat. There is no design or design in the sports chain.

We bought Kapra Athletic Sports Bumpers and a Fancy Brick
A spacious well on the black background bumper of LED refrigerators
Many black sparkling decorations. You can find a black piano on the margins
Windows, roof racks, rear view mirrors, and a central mask
Bronze logos. In addition, cafe is used as aluminum fictitious fonts
Below the bumper. We need to get it back. From shiny
Black diffuser four chrome taille pipe exhosters "exit
18 inch diamond discs and six special instructions are offered
Body Paint – Energy Blue, Velvet Red, Brilliant Silver, Rhodium Gray,
Magic Black or Nevada White.

Not only black smile but also ...

Touched the dark shiny decorations
Apart from roof and windows, special 19-inch disks
Wheels. Output indicates four excel tail pipes.
Author: Cup

Cup Heat 4 cylinder 2.0 TSI made in MQB on Modular Platform
Tune in at 221 kW and 400 nm. This is Golf Course.
Their modified 7-speed DGE to-post gearbox is processed
4Drive Accelerates faster and sends
Using the haldex power-hydraulic vicinity. This divides the driving moment between the two
Acceles depending on the instantaneous conditions – speed, acceleration rate,
The rotation of the wheel, then it is not surprising
Half the weight of 5.2 seconds is 247 km / h. Help yourself
Spontaneous control can be controlled by launch control. All this
1 540 kg of stunted.

The interior is full of alcohol, aluminum, piano ...

The interior is full of alcohol,
Aluminum, piano and black. Analog devices have been shifted to the series
Digital Cockpit.
Author: Cup

The modified chassis has an independent wheel suspension. Fibers front
McPherson Stroos and the multi-colored film behind. That's finished
Employees do not need to use DCC (Dynamic Crisis Control) adapters
Sadness. Caffe will be added if it is not enough
Brabo's bright diameter has 19 inch discs with breaks
Displays are 340 × 310 mm respectively. They too will be grateful
Shiny black shano driver,
Sports, snow, off road, personal and new sharp cups. Mode
Kafara gas, gearbox, steering and chassis
The engine's physics adds more desi bells.

Drive is 4-cylinder 2.0 TSI tuneable

Supported with 4 cylinder 2.0 TSI Dry
221 KW, 400 Nm torque tune. It will connect to the series
The 7-speed DSG4D's four-wheel drive.


Emotions A flat potato steering wheel to enhance the interior,
Alkatara, which includes upholstered water panels and sports seats
You can also find carbon-shaped skin. Aluminum pedals and limits
The strips add to the piano orange ornaments. Ateca received too much
10.25 inch virtual cockpit series with special graphics. This is the case
The multimedia interface will feature an 8-inch touchscreen display
In addition to normal data, information for overloading, oil temperature,
Immediate performance. No steering wheel, no seats or a cup logos
Floor mats. Black range finishes the sport
Ambient backlight. The door project will be unlocked
Symbol chopra.

So serial devices are very rich. Includes a dual zone
Air conditioned, apple carpet, android auto and seat service
Drive App, Index Charging, and Various Supporting Systems. Chap
At the end of the year we will arrive in the market
277 selected workshops in Europe. Prices start approximately
46 000 euros. It can not be left alone. Next year he has a portfolio
Kapra Leone and later the more autonomous model. It should go
Fashion SUV which does not have a single pendant using seat seal. Coupe.

Dimensions, volumes, and weight

Length (millimeters) 4376
Width (millimeter) 1841
Height (millimeter) 1611
Wheelbase (millimeter) 2,631
Trunk / Tank Volume (l) 485/55
Lighten up (kg) 1540

Technical data

Engine 2.0 TSI
Cubic capacity (ccm) 1984
Number of cylinders / valves 4/16
Maximum power (kW / rpm) 221/5 300
Torque (Nm / rev.) 400/2 000
Gear 7-DSG
Max. Speed ​​(km / h) 247
Approximately 0 to 100 km / hr 5.2

Kapra Ataka -

Kapra Ataka -

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