Saturday , April 1 2023

Marilyn Monroe's Golden Globe auction: A record of this number, the break record


The trophy is part of iCons and iDolls, which is a Hollywood auction jerseys from Friday to Saturday. The new owner found the 1959 Robin Black Ford Thunderbird, which auctioned 490,000 dollars (431,870).

Marilyn shot himself at a press conference at Lord's Angels Airport on February 26, 1956 (43,750 – 38,560 Dollar). Their cover was a copy of his first playboy. Hugh Hefner ($ 32,000 – 28,200), or the famous black and white trouser ($ 31,250 – € 27,540), a popular men's magazine.

They also awards other prizes from Sharon Tate's wedding dress in the Roman palace of 1968, other ten comic books, Amising Spider Man, Straits Taylor Annual 2, and Amming Fantasy # 15 from 1962. The Tom Hanks Forest Gump, Batman Clone's Batman Robin (1997) or Jeff's Costume Big Lebavsky Bridges (1998) is a signed copy of an English Fantasy # 15 of August 1962.

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