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Municipal Elections: Jaguar brought hundreds of jobs in the Nitra-communal election in 2018


The city is economically successful and debt is gradually decreasing
Unemployment in the last four years declined
10 percentage points. Hundreds of jobs have been brought to this area
Jaguar Land Rover has begun its end

Traffic offers top priority programs to improve the situation
Candidates for mayor. The town hall Josef Dvonč suggests the current head
Removal of freight traffic, road and towns from the city center
Build parking sites and cycle paths. Obtain new laws for traffic
Jan Gresso, the right-wing candidate. He wants to build a parking lot
Make cycling routes and parking facilities
To encourage public transport by paying ticket to parking cards and citizens
Develop or expand the city without cars Parking and transportation marked one of them
His / her preferences and other candidates for mayer – for example, civic
Activist Marrakethas or businessman Rubomor Martington.

City card

  • Population: 79 131 (until January 1, 2018)
  • Area: 100,45 quam2
  • The density of the settlement: 788 inhabitants / qum 2
  • National structure: Slovak nationalism is 92%
    Hungary's nationality is 6.8%, Czech nationality 0.7%, Roman citizenship
    0.55%, Ukrainian nationality 0.1%, other 1.2%
  • Unemployment: 2.48%
  • Debt: 17.4 million euros
  • Headaches: Nitriseki Hrada, Andreza Theater
    Boga, Ola Mexima of the Slovak Agricultural University, Church of St.
    Michael Orchzela in the dress

The basic tenets of the parking policy were met with the deputies of the city
The council will join the final meeting before the election
Mid-October. They have new traffic signs and parking lots
Housing, residential parks and residents benefit
The permanent residence of the city. Expectation is expected to be in the 50s
80 thousand euros.

The first step is to find a new parking policy
The real number of parking lots in Klokočina, Dale,
Čermáň, Chrenová Central Central Region. At the same time it will work
Find the actual number of registered cars. They will continue
Suitable sites for building new parking spaces and car parks.
Catch parking in parking lots to visit the city's visitors
They will leave their cars and head towards city transport.
A pilot project for activist sensors is also implemented
Parking area. Check the reserved parking spaces.

Traffic is causing trouble.
The inhabitants of Cheraman, Calvaria, and Kaskani wrote a complaint,
This requires the completion of sound interruptions on the R1 expressway. as well as
They need to experience voice, pollution, or smog. Solutions applied over the years.
The district is not fighting fasts fast with a fast fast
It was 2.48 per cent in September. Four years ago, this area was about 12 percent
Unemployment. Jacob Land and Job Opportunities have been introduced
By the end of last month, the race was opened in nitra. Inspection
It started functioning in September. It produces 150,000 cars a year
There are 2,800 people working in 2020. Currently the race
Of these, 1,300 are working
The vast majority of workers are Slovene. Jaguar "rise up"
And salary. In 2010 the average wage in the nitra sector was above the top
At present, 600 euros have been offered by car producers from 997
1774 euros.

Even the city's financial status is expected. Although in a year
In 2017, Natra is the most favorite city in the Inicio Institute
The debt of the country is gradually declining. 50 largest cities
Slowly, Neutroiff shared fifth position in the most uninterrupted constituencies
Places. Inteki says that Nitra's financial health is good. on time
In 2016 there was a 43.6 percent debt, and it was only in 2017
34.77 percent.

According to the latest estimates, the city is in debt
As of June 30, 2018, it has increased to 28.6% by 2017.
"In the regulated fiscal management debt, when it comes to annual installments
The amount of debit availability and redemption of cash receipts
The lowest of 5.5 million euros will exceed 2020
Local Cities in Slovakia ", offering the city on its website.
The current budget of 2018 is 80.7 million
In the first half of the city, the city received 12.1 million euros. Debt amount
At present, bank loan is USD 10.8 million
Recovery claims for communication repairs
€ 6.6 million.

Candidates for membership and fellowship

  • Front:

    Oshye, S. S, we are a family, KDH, Chance

    Smer-SD, SNS

    Progressive slogan

  • Political parties: Endurance and coherence,
    Slovakia Studio, Slovakia, Communist Party, NOVA,
    The most – freedom and unity, the modern Slovakian party, national
  • Number of deputies in the city council 31
  • The number of registered students
  • Number of election districts: 7

See Nitra and Sobar on top of it.

See Nitra & Sabar on top
That's it.


The strong alliance lost KDH

Four years ago current mayor Joanof Dinone won
Bye. If he does this time, in the chair of the first man
Fourth, it is getting wet. He won in 2014
10990 votes. Dominica has secured second place for the Southwest network
Dzasa Damascus, who came in third with 2,433 votes, voted 2,044 votes
Voters. Election participation was 26.5 percent, at least the least
Local cities.

Bal Thackeray announced the support of the parties like Smer, SNS and KDH. Yes
The alliance was influenced by newly elected members. Total
The list of brackets listed below listed up to 19 members in the 31-member list
All three parties won a city council.
Nine chairs were lost compared to the 2010 election.
This alliance does not exist anymore in the upcoming election
KDH joined the opposition parties in Onno, and we are a family
The possibility of a Parliamentary. Mayor Jan Grease was supportive of this.
The court should do so with the help of the direction and the CIS.

Four to eight years ago there were eight other MPs
A network for the NetWare and NOVA works. Already during election time
The times began to be rediscovered. Left in Parliament in September
The party's president and club president Renata Colonatchkova supported the club
Colleagues Ľubomír Moravčík and Líviu Šumichrastová. Found a club
Free. The council has worked for two independent clubs
Members. Kolenkova as a candidate for mayor now
Independent candidate.

Last City Council October 18,
MEPs met 44 times in total for four years. Next
The meeting will meet on November 15. Members
Those raised from the election will discuss the budget in 2019
Concerning Budget Material.

Vote: How do you evaluate the past period and what you like in town

Peter Havlick, attorney doctor
Each year the traffic situation in nitra is bad and the number of cars increases
On the go. I will welcome new cycle routes. I like it
Cycle sharing started in Nitra. But when cycling passengers
If you do not like going up the road you will not have to travel. He wants
I changed the premises of the Nitra River and looked like a channel. Let's hope this
People can go to water, relax and eat
Or sitting in a beautiful environment. And I will accept that
The street police on the streets are less likely to be car parks.

Maria Halmoow, Psychologist
A good example of some of the things in the city
Bikecharing (cycling). But he did not do even more
Or done it. Of course, maintenance and upgrading are also needed
Games, kindergartens, schools, modern farewell zones,
Expand pedestrian raises, ensure roads and trails and walk
Region. Ensure the safety of the people, for example, by strengthening
The city police's patrol in the housing estate. I want to change the way I work
City – It should be more transparent.

Jaroslav Vatcheck, IT Administrator
What do i like? How do I come to the coffee culture?
Overgrown and beer culture. I like this because I'm directly relevant to it
Coffee, beer. What i do not like No one has ever seen anyone in the past four years
He could not make a cycling route from Clucas to the city. Not at all
I am very happy that they come to Nitra. At the expense of the greenery is destroyed
Tall buildings. Where can one be a resting place or a place?
There will be a big panel to meet people. In the last four years
Nothing has happened to schools. Gymnasiums were made, but
It does not address the quality of education.

Association (ABA)

Candidates for Mayor

Joseph Dawnock

Author: Citta, Martin Hawthorn

Joseph Dawnock (64)

The mayor of the city

Direction and SNS

Marek Hathas

Merek Hathas (31)

Director of Nitra Cultural Center for Hide

An independent candidate

Jan Gresso is a young man

Author: Citta, Martin Hawthorn

Jan Gresso (37)

Project Manager

OĽaNO, SaS, Šanca, we are a family – Boris Kollars, KDH

Štefan Štefek

Štefan Štefek (51)

Company director

An independent candidate

Renáta Kolenčíková

Author: Citta, Martin Hawthorn

Renata Colognechio (53)

Member of the city council

Independent candidate

Marmeter Martington

Ľubomír Martinique (54)

Company manager

An independent candidate

Peter Ommas

Peter Oremas (42)


An independent candidate

Michal Ivan

Michal Ivan (35)


An independent candidate

Ladslav Namė

Ladslav Nemat (48)


Tolerance and coherence

Jan Keskscaus

Author: Ivan Majorski, Pravda

Jan Keskscas (29)

National Council Member of the Slovak Republic

Slow solidness

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