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New treatment options help treat patients with recurrent rheumatic disease

Most advanced methods include biological injection therapy and modern tablet therapy.

Patients with SPS can still be treated in Slovakia after a new treatment. The most advanced therapeutic methods in human medicine include biological injection therapy and modern tablet therapy.

Biological therapy consists of large proteinaceous molecules produced by genetic engineering. "Almost all subcutaneous injections or pen preparations are usually given at home," says Peter Kozb, head of the dermatology department at Nova Scotia University Hospital. Very effective and relatively safe in the long term, carried out in specialized biological treatment centers.

Modern treatment

The physician must evaluate the suitability of the patient after many tests and donations. Biological therapies are used in cases of moderate and severe sarcoidosis after exhaustion of all other available treatment options, such as topical therapy, other systemic therapies or phototherapy.

Another modern treatment is tablet therapy. & # 39; Its substances selectively interfere with inflammatory cells, while preserving their protective properties. The cell directly controls the production of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory substances, so it has a more complex effect on inflammation in the body, "explains Maria Imaljakov, head of the Dermatovernirology Clinic at the University Hospital Bratislava.

According to him, the drugs are intended for the treatment of moderate plaque cirrhosis and cirrhotic arthritis in adults. Shimlajokova adds, "This therapy works directly in the body's cells; it does not affect the patient's overall immunity or it does not negatively affect metabolic and individual vital organs."

Therapy must be approved by the reviewer

Treatment does not suppress the immune system, so it not only regulates inflammatory processes in the body, it is also suitable for patients who, for various reasons, cannot receive biological treatment like cancer patients.

These treatments must be approved by a health insurance reviewer. Request for treatment has been submitted by a physician attending one of the specialty treatment centers located in eight cities in Slovakia.

Innovative pill therapy can also be used by patients with low risk of disease, but it significantly reduces the patient's quality of life, ie patients with hairy skin, legs and palms, or just nails. "Unless there are side effects and a good medical impact, my patients stay on tablet therapy. With proper treatment we prevent the worsening of the disease, which always comes shortly after the patient stops treatment, "Š Millik Jakov recalls.

In choosing the right treatment for psoriasis, it is important that the doctor and the patient cooperate. "If you are fit, you help not only by cleansing your skin, but also by treating the inflammation in your body that causes body radiation," says બubika Bergmanov, vice president of the Sericatic and Atopic Society of Slovakia.

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