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On Tuesday, eight more teams can secure eight teams


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In the Champions League 2018/2016 group stage, in the 5th round Monday match, the eighth finals can secure eight teams.

Best location in Bayern Munich, Manchestru City, Juventus Turin and A.S. There are football players in Rome, who participated in the sixth-class partnership. Eight final placements are already in Spanish champions FC Barcelona.

Group E

18:55 Eike Athens – Ajax Amsterdam

21:00 Bayern Munich – Benfica Lisbon

Bayern had not come home for a match against Benfica in Lisbon on Saturday, the German Bundesliga was home to a draw with Fortaleo's Dusseldorf 3: 3. Coach Bavver Niko Kovac lost two important points to the winners after the betting in this game.

"It is not possible for us to miss the last two goals, we have made many mistakes in the defense, and if we want to think about the successful result, then Benfica should play better defensive." Let's hear the Croatian helmsman

An improper result in Elienz Arena or Byrne's victory will also move to Ajax Amsterdam, which will start from 18.55 hours at the EEC Athens, the undisputed Greek team so far.

Group F.

21:00 Olympic Leon – Manchester City / Online >>

21:00 TSG 1899 Hoffenham – Theater Donetsk

Olympic Leon - Manchester City

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Olympic Leon – Manchester City


Manchester City needs to score points on the French Olympic Leon. If he runs a whole, he will become the F-Group winner. On Saturday in the Premier League, "civilians" demonstrate the attacking attack and West Hemu United won 4: 0.

"This was not our best performance in the season, but we were very effective in this attack, and we were lucky to join. West Ham has created many opportunities, but it has not changed, but against Leon, we can save more in the defense You should do and do not need to be given at home. There will be great inspiration, the victory over us will move them to the eight-final,"Said coach of English speaking Pap Guardiola.

The main referee of the group's second match between Hofmann and Thetutter Donetsk will be Slovakian Ivan Cruzliazic. Tomas Somalani and Branislav Hancock will be assisted on the lines, Tomas Mocos will be the fourth referee.

Group G.

18:55 CSKA Moscow – Victorian Pledge / Online >>

21:00 AS Roma – Real Madrid / Online >>

AS Roma - Real Madrid

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AS Roma – Real Madrid


Tuesday's program hit will be a G-group duel between AS Rome and Real Madrid. Remnom is a point and point, CSKA has a better balance with Moscow. If draws were born on the stadium Olympics and DSKA, Victoria will not win Plzeň tonight, the real will also be promoted, which is the Triple Defender of the LM trophy.

"White Belle" will want to rehabilitate Iber's La Ligue in Spain for a loss of 0: 3, first under coach Santa Maria Solaris. "We made a lot of mistakes in Iber and we do not want to convict anyone, and in the initial four matches under my Bethan, we scored a full score and we have to come back again to the winning tour, from first place in the group, Solar stressed.

With the trio of Slovak military troops, Plzen Mats Kozak, Patrick Hrowsovsky and Roman Prokhozov will staging to win in Moscow. In CSKA, the losses of Pawel Vaabo lost three points. Win will definitely prepare him for the chance to win the third position in the 16th European League Final.

"We have to play better than the end of the week in the match against Slovene Libere, where we saved the 1: 1 draw. We have to be able to push it more dynamic and individually, otherwise it can end badly, Librek showed us that Football is something like the fact that there is a favorite who wants to gain dominance. " Warrior Verba Alert Finger

Group H.

21:00 Juventus Turin – FC Valencia / Online >>

21:00 Manchester United – Young Boys Burn / Online >>

Juventus Torino - Valencia CF

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Juventus Torino – Valencia CF


Juventus Turin needs draws in the H-Group domestic match against Valencia. "Elderly woman" SPAL Spaniards are linked to the above 2: 0 win. The winning goal was scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, for which he was the Seri A of Italy. This was the ninth straight hit of the season.

"Cristiano makes things that are difficult to protect against the opponent, and we need it, sometimes we play often, he goes ahead and thinks quickly, we have to improve everybody, we have to think further. " Juventus Massimiliano said to Elgrey.

Manchester United's Eighth Finals on Tuesday will be auspicious on Tuesday as they will deal with Old Trafford with Swiss Young Boys Burn and Valencia, they will not win in Turin.



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