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Only the sovereign of Swphinia is spread by Slovakia

Skiers had to face the demand for rain and visibility reduction. The first round track was made by Live Maggie, Italian diving coach, Livio Magoni, who started with the number 5 and with its typical aggression in the second slam of the season. At one point, Shiffin reached five hundredths of a second, but then she began to move very far and came to the turn, which was the time for her to go to the plane. There were many species on the final road; In contrast, home-grown superstars, Shiffin, superstar took care of the end of the slopes and lifted the middle-deficit.

Austria Barnet Shield (+0.29 C) on the other hand. Wet was in third place with Hansdottr, when he was 54th in both the seconds. The time behind this pair was quite a distance, the fifth time Sweden's Anna Swan Larson had 95 seconds in 95 seconds, while other skiers were trapped for more than a second.

Before the second round, the series of followers on stage was quite narrow. The weather was slightly improved and the favorites seemed to measure strength in more favorable conditions. Sven Larsson got a good result, but after the error, she left Michelle Gissin and Wendy Holder on the result list for the Swiss. After the Hansdotter, the moist move and the same initial position have done better. After strong, yet rhythmic rides, he defeated Sweden for more than 0.5 seconds and attacked high races. She went behind Schmid, who was also behind the Hansdottar. Heavy wet performance with the third best time in the second round was not enough, for the third consecutive run in American 2016 and 2017, he won Slight in Killington. At the time of Halftime, its leadership was first reduced, but once he gave a great conclusion and continued the success of the competition in the Finnish levy, where Vlhova was also another.

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25. 11. 2018, 19:00

SP – Women's Slalom, Second Round, Killington


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Petra Vlhová has 80 points in the Slalom category, but on the other hand Schiffin won again. However, Slovakia has shown that the world's second best slam in the world.

Final order:

1. Mikaela Schiffin (USA) 1: 43.25
Petra Vlhova (SVK) +0.57
Frida Hansdotter (SWE) +1.08
4. Bernadette Shield (Auto) +1.41
5. Michelle Jecian (SUI) +1.93
6. Wendy Holder (SUI) + 3.27
7. Anna Sven-Larsen (SWE) +2.44
8. Tale of Galleber (Auto) +2.94
9. Trouble Troop (At) +3.32
10. Lena Duero (GER) +4.06
11. Irene Qetone (ITA) +4.20
12. Lionsberg of Stalin (et) +4.23
13. Ronnie Reem (Ken) +4.52
14. Lawrence St. Germany (Can) +4.53
15. Nina Haver-Lowth (Nor) +4.77
16. Christine Lismahal (Nor) +4.82
17. Paula Moltzhanova (USA) +4.89
18. Alain Danyiot (SUI) +5.10
19. Gabriela Capo (CJE) +5.40
20. Elena Staufel (SUI) +5.62
21. Josephine Forni (FRRA) +5.72
22. Marussa Ferrakova (SLO) + 5.78
23. Nina O'Brien (USA) + 5.80
24. Carol Bjig (SUU) +6.20
25. Nastassia nones (FRRA) +6.51
26. Pia Hudson (NZL) +6.61
27. Meta Hartova (SLO) +16,26

Not finished:

Marren Schold (Nor)
Ana Bushikova (SLO)
Chira Costage (ITA)

Another place for Peter Vault in American Killington Mikael Schiffen's unreliable "dominance" is no more today, American will win 57 points against Slovakia. In the third place, Frieda Hansdottter stood second and eighth with losses.

The race is over, there is a concert for top three contestants.

1 minute

Mikla Schiffin took the first place! American Patri Vlhký with 57 stots of defeats!

1 minute

Last Sector and Shiffin only have 26 States good!

1 minute

Initially, it was more than half-a-second, for the first time it was only reduced to cosmetic.

1 minute

Mikael Schiffin's favorite favorite is favorite weekend and home favorite!

2 minutes

At the end of the day, Shield Petra from Austria is 84th behind Vlha! Slovakia will be second place!

2 minutes

Bernadette Shields lost nine hundred in the middle of the track.

3 minutes

Finally it's time 1: 43.82, second best time in second round and Petra Vlhova comes in 51 states first place! Perfect result!

3 minutes

The third central and patriarchal leadership is six tenths!

3 minutes

After two fields of Slovakia 23 Swedish is better than the first Swedish!

3 minutes

Initially, Petra Vlhova, hold your fingers!

3 minutes

Switzerland transferred to Switzerland, defeats Gisain with Hansdottar's sovereign score of 85!

3 minutes

Frida Hansdottter and later Petra Vlhova. Stress is increasing. Swedes started the best and took her lead.

5 minutes

Excellent two two fields by Anna Swan-Larson. Swedish had second and two sauce heads, but after that everything changed. The goal is steadily Sven-Larson on the Bruns Cross.

6 minutes

There are two big bugs in the center of Slowom, the gallery of the storyline is second and third respectively.

7 minutes

Wendy Holder took half a second between the second and third. She slammed Switzerland for her second wife, Jeisine, in the second place.

8 minutes

Total destruction was done by Michele Gissin. Truppe second and 39th, Switzerland is the first problem!

9 minutes

Its Busicova is a Smoliko. When he fell to the ground, that word did not even reach there. Of course, at least the beginning looked promising.

10 minutes

Catherine Troop with a really hard ride. Other Austrian people set a new best time at 1: 46.57.

11 minutes

Elena Coutoni was the first place to go. The lower part of the track is already "broken", so Italy is the only one.

12 minutes

First of all, it was a mistake, but Lena Duro got up and we're changing our current leader again. Nimka lasts for 17th century.

13 minutes

In Austria's Kathari's Lionsburger style ran, and took its lead for second and fifteen years. There is a bug in the middle of the track, but Lionsburger is the first! More than 29 hundredths of a second are equal.

14 minutes

Sweden's Nina Havre-Loss has maintained a positive distance for a long time, but at the end of the track she has lost contact with Rey and takes third place.

15 minutes

Lawrence St. Germany had a 61-point limit and it ended. Two Canadians on the first two roads.

Ad breaks and road adjustments with it.

Instant Order:

1. Ronnie Reem (CAN) 1: 47.77
2. Kristin Lisdahal (Nor) +0.30
3. Paula Moltzanova (USA) +0.37
4. Alain Danyiot (SUI) +0.58
5. Gabriela Capo (CJE) +0.88

16 minutes

But the Costeze will not end in the second round! The European lead has increased eight to ten, but what if the experienced athletes in the middle of the track are not successful in integrating their skills with the already devastating terrain?

16 minutes

Italy's Chira Costaze started with Rameem 56m at the beginning of its second round.

17 minutes

Meta Hrovertova from Croatia left the track, he returned, but it is probably the last time with a distance of 11.74 seconds.

18 minutes

Marussa Ferrakova from Slovenia has not scored 24 points lead in the eighth position with a time of 1: 49.03.

19 minutes

Marren Schold is the first racer to finish the second round and so he will not end the race. An error occurred at the bottom of the track. The disappointment of Norwegian faces can also be seen by helmets.

20 minutes

The Canadian remake can smile, it can get at least one bar. After a good start, the line of Hell has worsened, so it's the fourth.

21 minutes

When Ronnie Reem dismissed Leh Dahlal from a fictional throne. And it was very sharp, that is about three decimals, although the initial lead was more than a second.

22 minutes

Gabriela Capoeva of the Czech Republic aggressively set it on the track, lifted the first lead, then lost slightly. It takes only the third place with a distance of 58 sets.

23 minutes

Carol Bizz's Norway will not be able to beat Lismahal. Sevaranke's strong pace, Beasig was at the second and 36th position.

24 minutes

Peer Hudson also started with the number 59. In the second round, New Zealand's representative finished at 1: 49.86. This means that it is always the last position.

25 minutes

Stoughel lost a lot of time, the eighth decimal went to the license and the third.

25 minutes

Elena Stauffell started with 55 in the first round. How will Switzerland play with good starting conditions?

26 minutes

For the first time, the leader does not change after the second round. Nastassia Nones made significant reductions for the third time and it is definitely the last in total.

27 minutes

Seven hundred Kristen goes to Liddahlal Maltzano, Norway takes the lead for at least a few moments.

28 minutes

Significant improvement in the end time, Moultza went ahead in lead with 1: 48.14.

28 minutes

The second round is another American player Paula Moltzza.

29 minutes

Josefine Forny of France defeated eight hundred home racers and returned to the first place. It will also be for the first time in the career of Forbes.

30 minutes

Nina O'Brien records her first career point before her closest. The default time to compare in the next few minutes. 1: 49,05, the amount of two rounds in American filing.

First round results and second round start:

Racers will start in reverse order, ranked 1st in the 30th place.

1. Mikaela Schiffinova (USA) 52.49 sec
2. Bernadette Shield (Auto) +0.29
3. Petra Vlhova (SVK) +0.54
3. Frida Hansdotter (SWE) +0.54
5. Anna Sven-Larsen (SWE) +0.95
6. Tale of Galleber (auto) +1.13
7. Wendy Holder (SUI) +1.48
8. Michelle Gisin (SUI) +1.60
9. Ana Businkova (SLO) +2.31
10. Trial troupe (at) +2.40
11. Irene Qetone (ITA) +2.70
12. Lena Durova (GER) +2.75
13. Lionsberg of Stalin (et) +2.80
14. Nina Haver-Lowth (Nor) +3.07
15. Lawrence St. Germany (CAN) +3.10
16. Chira Costage (ITA) +3.15
17. Meta Hartova (SLO) +3.25
18. Marussa Ferrakova (SLO) +3.47
19. Marren Sjaldova (Nor) +3.49
20. Alan Dynoth (SUI) +3.59
21. Ronnie Reem (CAN) +3.71
22. Gabriela Capo (CJE) +4.30
23. Carroll Bjich (Sue) +4.37
24. Pia Hudsonov (NZL) +4.55
25. Elena Staufel (SUI) +4.57
26. Nastassia Nones (FRRA) +4.71
27. Christine Lismahal (Nor) +4.84
28. Paula Moltzhanova (USA) +4.85
29. Josephine Forni (FRRA) +4.92
30. Nina O'Brien (USA) +4.95

40. Martina Dubasca (CZE)

In the second round, the thirteen best racers of the first round grew and we can see it further, Petra Vlhova. The winner of SloWok 54 winners, American Mickel is behind Shiffin and it is well-advanced for the second great result.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to see direct transfers in Second Round of Women's Slamman in Killington.

The event is scheduled to start at 19:00.

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