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PHOTOGRAPHY A brutal killer wanted the catastrophe to be executed before he did it: he was frightened of this food


Twelve murderers Edmund Zagorski († 63), who had been killed since 1983 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, the largest watched Riverband prison, had to be executed on October 11.

The execution, however, was postponed on November 1 because Zagorski called on the authorities to allow him to stay in an electric chair for a while because he was afraid of a deadly inject. However, this was not done yet.

Electric chair in which Edmund Zagorski († 63) was executed on 1 November 2018.

Edmund Zagorski († 63)

Source: SITA / AP

Foreign media recalls that electric chairs are rarely used. However, in Zagorski it was an exception. In the United States, this was the first execution in the electric chair since 2013.

Like any of the prisoners, Zagorski had the last meal before he was executed for $ 20 (about $ 17.50). Although he did not pick up anything on October 11, he asked the specialty that shook the guards.

Edmund Zagorski († 63)

Edmund Zagorski († 63)

Source: SITA / AP

They are accustomed to the fact that most criminals like pizza, roast chicken or steak with fried potatoes, but Zagorski's appetite has stopped them. The killer got his pork knife and a fried pork knee.

While our fried knees are known, we do not know any such foods in the United States at all.

Edmund Zagorsk was convicted in 1983 for the murder of two men who were thrown into the woods with the prejudice that sold 45 kilograms of marijuana. But he killed them cold. He shot them first, cut off his throat, and deprived them of a few thousand dollars.

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