Saturday , February 4 2023

Red Tesla and Stormen already lost Mars


The company has not forgiven scientific fiction novels.

Red Tester Roadster "Sperman" Simbraast already launched by Space X Plan in early February. These days, from the sun to the outermost part of its path. Interesting company Highlight Via your Twitter account. The theme was space dot com.

Tesla's simplistic record of the orbits of planets is the slowdown of Tesla and the inner part of the solar system. Tesla is the richest city in the world with 257 million kilometers from the Sun. That is it The third lessMore than the company's actual data.

Let's say that Tesla and the "Surreal" universe entered the first universe A sharp rocket experiment Falcon Heavy. It was merely artificial. But it has been set up with the company to the company, and YouTube has a record of four hours of "driving" on YouTube. Tesla and Stemma Treasuries, More information related to other attractions In a particular article.

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