Saturday , July 2 2022

Scientists have created a source of reproduction of electricity


Called bianic mushroom
Bionic Mushroom (Foto American Chemical Society)

An expert from a private American university was able to create something that is not true yet. In the near future, our gooseberries are converted into energy sources that our electronic electrons can not produce.

For this extraordinary energy system, add the above mushroom Griffon Specially from 3D printer Cox. Thanks to the recognition of theory of light, a natural one emerged Solar Panel Your own Battery. It is not surprising that they are talking to him "Bionic mushroom".

The server has been uplifting Nano liters.

Power generation can generate power through nano-materials that generate electricity and then power can be generated by power cables. We can improve the two features of special features. They can also be developed and created a new functional bionic system. One of the experts of the expert panel describes the importance of the famous professor and scientific success Manu Mannoor.

Electricity Production Process (Foto American Chemical Society)

Why mushroom

It is an environment where they have bacteria because they have chosen the mushroom surface Enhance. As he writes The FIGBecause of this phase, scientists have extended their lives to biomes Few days. If so, it will be replaced between days and years later.

We'll have to wait Capacity increase In the energy system, the existing ones can produce so far To stay Amount of juice. Thesaurus Remembering nano-amps about 65.

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