Monday , May 16 2022

Slovenská sporite is a "Responsible Christmas". See her new ad | Marketing


The Slovenska New Campaign is in a Christmas-based, good and responsible spirit. In addition to holidays, Bank has also created a special website for Christmas tree competition. The concept of Zarugusa.

Give good, you will be lucky. The central idea here is the friendship between a girl and a Christmas tree. Band gangs n & # 39; Rosas & # 39; Is a cover version of Sweet Shaw O'Mear.

"In connection with the Christmas campaign, we form the value of communicating and branding our brand, and we want to empathize with people's emotions to get responsibilities for Venezia and pre-Christmas shopping," said Peter Hollick, head of marketing communications.

In this case, we are now ignoring the hash tag #mamnato known in the concept of communication.

A well-known and responsible gift shopping concept will support a Slovak Savings Bank, Google Card and Mobile Payment.

Source: Slovenes Sports

The origins of the place were made. Organic green cellulosic was used by banks to showcase without artificial frost or plastic. Cleanse the waste.

A special site was prepared in the Christmas prep period. It will be active from November 16th. There will also be 24 tips and tricks to celebrate the Christmas tree responsible for competing with the bank for a live tree in the pot for the public.

Campaign Card

  • Agency: Zaragoza
  • Creative Director: Mechal Pastor
  • Copywriters: Jaroslav Wig, Mechal Pastor, Susana Smetcano
  • Art Director: Milan Mali, Andrzej Nemskek
  • Graphic designers: Gabriela Kozyakov, Richard Novak
  • Social Media: Martin RJJ, Dominica Tourserva
  • Account Manager: Katharina Cassowva, Iva Clinic
  • Strategy: Juraj Pabeekka
  • Director: Juraj Janis
  • Producer: Hitchhaker

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