Monday , January 18 2021

Someone believed thank you for the new Zuja's superhound Christmas

CIS fired again. Through Christmas, and controversial debate on military service, buying more than 170 million euros of unnecessary work is prohibited. Here's your job.


Zuzana is a new record for the CIS 25 times three days before Christmas Day. After F16 fighters, it is the second largest military purchase. The ideal of Christmas is publicly criticized for a moment.

After the new year, it's time to take this theme and give it to those people related to "hunting for the head".

The main problem is simply told: the new army does not need a military. It does not even need to be written by the security analyst, and they do not even know the technical parameters of Zucca's two haditers.

It does not need it due to the adequate quantity and quality of the present. And even less, they need them from the next strategic-military perspective of the next decade.

Without any military tragedies, there is probably a traditional war in which he will shoot the tanks of Dukla Dola, who has decided to reach Bratislava. People who last came to Czechoslovakia also used to consume a few aircraft.

Restriction of shoppers entry

Compared to the other pieces of technology, 20-year-old Zuja is a jewel in 2000's Hewitters Slave Army. Even with the name of their business, they signed up for the start of the third millennium.

What about "old" funnels? Besides shooting, it's really nothing else. Rigid pieces, for every one lakh, stand in the corner of Barracks – a luxury that will not blame other fisheries.

It is clear to every sahib that the army should invest in new technologies. More useful than a monster, for example, people who know something about cyber-attacks and will not play Tetris during computers during a tedious service.

This is difficult to buy. And in addition to all, the commission is hard to earn, and they bust busy friends in those companies who will give a piece of new piece of Zuza up to a much larger component part.

When nothing else, this was bought from the unnecessary, more valuable Zuja joint, for the next fifty years, SNS was the reason for the strict ban on admission to the defense ministry. Then the monsters will be quite old.

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