Wednesday , July 28 2021

Square Annex has registered horror RPG series on Everest in Europe

Does Square wants to revive the forgotten series?

If you had the first Playstation and you should know Squaresoft (today's Square Enix), you must know Parasite Eve. This mixture of live survival performed by the company with the Final Fantasy by Resident Evil and RPG has created an unforgettable and dreamy sneaky horror with a complex story full of scientific concepts and reflections. The first part of Parasite Eve has never been here, and so Square has branded brands in Europe. Re-downloading PS4, Remaster, or Rebooting series? Okay, let's just surprise.

Parasite Eve series reads three parts. Parasite Eve was released on PlayStation in 1998. After one year, Parasite Eve II continued, but it was also released in our country, just like that unit. The final part of The Third Birthday was released on PSP in 2010, but it was the most popular part of the series in terms of criteria and popularity.

Aya, the main heroine of the East Side on the east side

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