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Telekom is celebrating: five years ago, he started 4G network


Telecom is celebrating its fifth anniversary after the launch of the 4G network. In 2014, the consumers had about 7 pb. Data is expected up to three times in 2018.

In total traffic, 4G network share is increased. By the end of 2014 it was 10%, and a year later by 2016 it was 30%. Over 60% of the total data traffic is now 80%. During this period, Telecom had several leads and acquired several milestones:

  • The beginning of the first commercial 4G network in Slovakia (15.11.2013, Nitra-Trina-Žilina-Bansao Bistric-Proshov)
  • The launch of the first 4G network in the 2600 MHz band (April 2014, Bratislava)
  • The fastest test 4G network up to 300 Mbps (September 2014, Bratislava)
  • The start of the first 4G + network speed up to 225 Mbps (June 2015, Nitra)
  • Speed ​​4G network test 375 Mbps (June 2015, Bratislava)
  • The start of the first 4G + network speed up to 300 Mbps (November Bratislava 2015)
  • Test 4G network 900 Mbps (August 2016, Bratislava)
  • The launch of the first 4G + network of 375 Mbps (2016, Bratislava 2016)
  • Introducing Woks Technologies (April 2017, through Slovakia)
  • Grow 4G network speeds and upload to 75 Mbps (March 2018, Slovak)
  • 4G Network Acceleration 500 Mbps (June 2018, Slovakia)
  • The start of the first 4G + network speeds up to 877 Mbps (November 2018, Bratislava)

Start VoLTE, which means that the calls on the 4G network are short-lived, and one step ahead of the customer's experience. In 4G network, the call can be connected for 1 to 2 seconds for gaining total gross connections. At present, WOL supports some of the five models that currently have full range of Apple branded devices in operator portfolios. Technology will help to become a new standard.

In addition to fully implementing technology, Operator has conducted several experiments on the 4G network in 2014-2016 and later used in commercial deployment. Pilot and real-world trains are running for a year to two years. The new speed is 300, 375, 877 Mbps. Total data traffic has statistics about 4G network influencing.

In 2018, the technicians introduced technologies to customers three times of high speed upgrades. 64QAM modulation data has been increased by up to 50%, the new maximum upload is 75 Mbps, the download capacity of 256QAM modification increased to one third, and the maximum limit was from 375 to 500 Mbps Lastly, the operator was a combination of multiple bands and spectra. Add a 4 × 4 mm solution into the network Celine has arrived to the new brarrsvivayil 877 Mbps.

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