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The Concilium party recalled that the November 1989 skoluxia had led to its own misdeeds


Bratislava, November 17 ( – Skopjevi's own way may arise in November 1989. The Seymour SD Party party says in its social networking account the 29th anniversary of the revolutionary revolution. We do not forget the people who stand up for freedom that we now live courageously, as expressed by the party.
"Today we are reminding 29 years of events and we can not forget Slovakia's way of doing so, we want to take care of the old people, free travel from the train, and do not forget those who are courageous to stand for this freedom in which we live.

November 17, Nebras Wrestle, Smar-SD Source: – Can you thank me for November 1989, Slovakia? © SITA All rights reserved.

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