Tuesday , February 7 2023

The death toll has risen by half


The number of patients in influenza increased by 49.4% in Slovakia in the 45th year. Influenza and similar disease (COPO) reported 2,990 cases. The highest number of mental health problems is recorded in Bratislava, the lowest in the state. CNN Jan Mikhas' main hygiene network is the most common of five years of age children in CHOO.

There were 38,088 pulmonary tuberculosis cases reported
(Rice). The patient grew up compared to last year
33.5 per cent. The most illness is recorded in Bratislava
The lowest in Žilina. Mikhas often said
In five years, infected children reported one of the influenza holidays
Kindergarten of Treens.

Flu season is the continuation of the 40th calendar of the year
The World Health Organization estimated the 18th calendar of the next year
Organization (WHO). It is characterized by increased illness
Respiratory diseases including influenza and related diseases. To this end
About influenza is the most useful and most effective protection
Epidemiologists annual vaccine. In Slovakia they will get a reward
Health insurance companies. Vaccination is the best time in the autumn,
From winter to influenza infectious diseases.

The flu is influenced by fever and sneezing.
Each cool or cough does not mean that every man self only
The fever spreads. Suddenly high temperatures,
More than 40 degrees. There are also various complexities. Own
Flu will not work with antibiotics.

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