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The defense and security committee facilitated the possibility of attracting a policeman


Bratislava, 18 November 2018 (TASR / HSP / photo: TASR-Marko-Eld)

The easiest way to remind the President of the police force of SRR is from the law to amend the law for Police mosques.

In the film of Gaalko (saas)

This is the second reading. This week also discussed a committee of the National Defense and Security Committee. There has been a change, it settles the terms. But in the last term there will be a planary.

The government's proposal that the President can appeal to the Home Minister for serious reasons. Nevertheless, at least one third of all members of the National Security Committee should be removed. On the other hand, when the same committee is in the process of selecting a new police chief, the majority of all members will be sufficient. Opposition MP Boeemer Galke (SS) did not ask a committee to suggest a draft amendment so that such a majority can solve the problem. He thanked the chairman of the alliance chairman Anton Hirkow (SNS).

"This is our basic reminder that the government's proposal stops the presidency of the police, they will choose a majority majority, and the future government can not appeal it, and my proposal becomes fundamentally changing," said Galko.

As he does, he does not yet know it. "There are only two options, and Anton Hrnko really thinks my suggestion is true, and then I expect the SNS PLANNER support, and the second option is to make Smeru-SD a trick to get something on the SMS.

The SR of interier (MoI) does not answer the question of whether amendment is a positive shift. "The MCC will review all amendments for pollution in the committees in their mutual respect, and in the second reading of the Plannery a statement will be made to each amendment.

The Task Cup points out that the current good rule of police is being replaced. This repeats European standard lows. How does the CIS vote in a contemporary amendment of the gal, yet is not clear.

The government amendment is that police should continue in the home ministry. This should be done only with the recommendation of the Parliamentary Security Committee on the basis of the electoral process. The nominee was nominated for four years of probation. Therefore, the appointment and minister of the Selection Committee, Defense and Security Committee is required. These changes affect the police's inspection to prepare the test service.

The police president is the only member of the police college where he has served in office for at least ten years. He can appeal to the minister for serious reasons, but he must at least do so in the committee.

A change is waiting for the police investigation. The amendment to this law enables the establishment of an Inspection Service Office to find, investigate, and verify the police legality of the armed forces. The office will be the head of the inspection to take responsibility of the government.

The Director of the Incorporation Service Office shall direct the Slovak Republic Government on the instructions of the Incorporation. The Chief Inspector will be selected in the process of selection and his appointment will be in accordance with the recommendation of the National Security Committee. In this case, the seven-member selection board will conduct the same as in the case of a police president. This term will have a committee.

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