Saturday , January 16 2021

The Health Ministry's program is to assist in detecting early cancer

Pilot screening program for colon and rectum cancer starts with the first phase of 20,000 people selected by health insurance companies.

Bratislava, Jan. 6 (TASR) – The Slovak Ministry of Health (MZ) will start screening programs from next year. They will focus on the early discovery of colon and rectum, breast and cervical cancer. "The Health Ministry has an important role in strategic planning for reducing the incidence and mortality of these cancer patients and improving the quality of patients' lives (National Cancer Program) She told TASR spokesman Zuzana Eliasova.

She explained that the pilot screening program for colon and rectum cancer will start with the first phase of 20,000 people selected by health insurance companies. They send their humiliation to the secret torture test, which is then handed over to the general practitioner with a stool sample. Eliass remembers that more than 50 men and women are eligible for secret blood test every two years. If the patient gets a positive result, then the patient will be sent for more professional examination. Colonoscopy

"Next year we will start breast cancer screening, focusing on active breast cancer research, targeting women between the ages of 50 and 69." Eliasova said that with this program from the Ministry of Health, it cooperates with professional companies and health insurance companies, who will invite their insurance companies to investigate this.

The ministry has also planned to launch cervical cancer screening in 2019. "Cervical Scientology" Cervical cells will be assessed by certified certified scientists laboratories and will be entitled to women at the age of 23 to 64. The first two cytology cycles will occur at one intervals of one year, if the results of two cytology are negative, the applicant is also applied to the person over time. At the age of 23, he started investigating, " Department spokesman explained. If the last three scientific findings are negative, screening ends at 64 years of age.

Volunteer will be HPV next year – vaccination. From January 2019, health insurance companies will return dual vaccine against HPV virus. "They will be vaccinated in two doses, one vaccine is the only dose, and they will receive a free vaccine, that is, in the 13th year of life, two doses of children and girls, i.e., after the child's 12th birthday, Elijah added

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