Wednesday , August 4 2021

The known Slovak is unpredictably the same, its EX has already changed!

Oh, love it. As well as it can be beautiful, people can talk well. Known well-known Slovak musician, an actress and female expert who has suffered another marriage. Third

It looks like Dorota Navote has a bad deal on the guys. Whenever it seemed that the former husband Miloslaw Labor, known as the whiskey nickname, and after Brit John Rowett, she saw the actual almonds, but luck does it otherwise.

Dorota Navatova

"Yes, we have been divorced. We have disappeared for half a year and divorce has already been filed in court." The new time Dorothy, who is still the wife of Martin Luther, with whom her 5-year-old son Philip was. But her former colleague has not started and there is a new love next to her, a well-known Slovakian also knows it. She herself, however, begs herself with her new relationship "There will be some time with my relationships and will be with the son," Navote said.

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Dorota Navatova

Source: Timsque Photo: Instagram / nvotovadorota

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