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The number of diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is increasing


Multiple sclerosis is a self-immune system – fighting the body in the immune system.

In Sclava, 8000 patients with multiple sclerosis live. "Their numbers are growing, this is the first diagnosis, especially the lifestyle of patients," said Fazarorova, President of Slovakia Society of TASR's Sloveneri Multiplex (SZSM).

Discipline Sclerosis

The disease affects the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. This is one of the best preventative diseases. That is, the immune system corresponds to the body. In particular, it attacks nerve fibers and damages them.

When someone is upset, it is often said that there is a schizophrenia. Neurologist Bradlawev Brynn says that there is no such sclerosis as sclerosis. Clinical manifestation of a person with a blood clot in a blood vessel is clear if the cerebral cortex is responsible for brain activity. "Sclerosis multicellus is also known as multiple sclerosis because many of the ailments are scattered over the brain," TASR Brezhny explained.

It may take several years to cause symptoms to occur from the early stage of symptoms. Often, the first symptom is fatigue, weakness, and loss of organs. "This illness does not usually need to panic, because the doctor does not see," he says. "The patient's illnesses, urinary tissue disorders, balance disorders, and pathogens appear in patients because of the illness that does not cure this condition.

The cause of the illness is unknown

"Sclerosis multiplaps are a variety of and often fast-evolving expressions, and that's why diagnosis may not be easy, it may be ostracized with an experienced neurologist," said Brahmin. But a very serious problem is the limitation of stimulation and fatigue: "Patients do not go away, they will not enter it, and they will become weaker and relax in a little exercise," Faznner said. For more serious mobility disorders, patients walks, french bars, walking and wheelchairs are used. The effectiveness of soft handwriting makes it more difficult.

Experts do not know the exact cause of the disease yet. The infection factor can be infected with virus infections. "Infections have hundreds of viruses after infection," experts say, and predict environmental and hygienic conditions of population, stress, malnutrition and allergies. Vitamin D deficiency, smoking, and especially in young women, "says Bruni.

Incident in women

"There is a tribe, a tribe sclerosis multiplex, however, already prone to this disease in families, it is higher than the other janavibhagannalekkal of the population," says neurologist found among the twenty kamarakkaruteyum luteyum, according to three times more women SZSM, multiple sclerosis is the most common neurological In disorder, it leads to vaikalyattilekk.

As an important development for multiple sclerosis treatments and diagnosis, New Imaguerist invents new imaging examinations and treats their introduction to medical practice. "Magnetic resonance imaging is now the only imaging imaging that ensures damage to the packaging of NOArfer packaging, and we see the effectiveness of the treatment," says Brahni.

Research has been brought to the forefront of the emergence of a new biological treatment system, which is capable of multiplexing multiple sclerosis. For the past few days, the risk of osteoporosis has been detected. Women did not know that there were children. But now the patient has a fuller life. Family has been able to provide protection. Disabled persons have been shifted to 15 years, according to SSPM officials.

The food is the most important

The treatment of modern drugs is financially demanded, but it is fully protected by health insurance companies in the Slavia. Approximately 2,000 patients are treated in this country. In 2016, health insurance companies spent more than € 44 million. "But the patient will pay for the pain and the pain of the muscles and muscles of the vitamin supplements," the union said.

"Multiple sclerosis treatment centers, we want a diseased patient's clinical n'yurealajiykk addition to the diseased. Capacity of the disease, ie, sudden, sudden purattekkealukuka, morbidity switch, and it can be treated. Other experts, such as ophtalmealajisrr, Urologist, Rehabilitation Worker, Psychologist A. Tayirikkanam. Sociologist or lawyer. We would like to receive comprehensive protection and a place to work in Western European countries, "said phajnar.

Extension with other patients is part of the psychology

From the Labor, Social Affairs & Family Office, patients can be counted on the limit of his or her disability in the apartment for immunization or for the purchase of a personal carriage without interrupting various compensatory means. In the social insurance company, he / she can apply for a disability pension.

Slovakia has 25 clubs. To organize their members and others, mainly educational activities, workshops with different physical activity and practical performance. The group of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis is part of psychotherapy. Click & # 39; An integral part of the annual activities of the SHOs is a competitive examination of ayile-vision, skills of persons with disabilities and expertise. More.

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