Monday , March 27 2023

The start of public transportation in Bratislava's transportation artery was postponed, the city saw an improvement.


The original purpose was to start public transportation this autumn on a reconstructed street. However, after several discussions with the expert group, the municipality rejected it.

The announcement was made by Bratislava spokesman Peter Bubala.

Moody's claims that it chooses and applies its conceptual reforms from an incomplete boulevard rather than a quick launch of public transportation. “Because the face of our city will determine this neighborhood and this major artery for oncoming traffic. "In an agreement with investors, we are revising some elements of Boulevard to improve conditions for residents, cyclists, pedestrians and travelers," Bubla said.

The cycling route will be moved along the bi-route north of the street and safely detached from the road. Thus, the collision points designed so far in the area of ​​public transport stops are about to cease. The spokesman said that such a solution would enable the implementation of a two-lane bicycle lane on the south side of the street after the temporary bus station was completed.

The trains will extend from 2.5 to 5.5 meters. The width and number of lanes will also change, the number of bushes and bushes on the boulevard will increase, and a new pedestrian crossing will be added. "In addition to changing construction design documentation for improvement, some relevant approval processes are also needed. Boulevard traffic will begin at the same time for personal car transport and public transportation, and next year the holidays are expected to be the latest," said Bubala.

Transformation of the Milinsk Nivi reconstruction in Bratislava
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They will also open a new bus station

Shortly after that, the new Bratislava bus station, shopping center and other administrative and residential buildings, which will construct a budding district in the Milinsky Nivi area, are to open.

"The city's common goal as a builder and investor is to build a new boulevard on the Milinsky Navy Floodplain as effectively as possible," said Bubala, the city's general target for the city. Capital, as originally believed, and based on experience so far, bypassing the public transit lanes on Perikova and Landreova streets, seems an adequate option.

According to the municipality, the ease of people living on the affected streets will not improve as public transport passes to Milinsky Nivy, as new bus stations and adjoining houses are underway anyway.

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