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The strength of the influenza force in the county strengthens. These patients are among the highest in these districts

What is the current discovery of epidemiologists? Banskobystrický region is again sick. Check it in the number!

In this article the depiction of depiction is increasing in this area. These patients are among the highest in these districts



Regional Public Health Authority (RÚVZ)
In Banská Bystrica, collect data from the entire Banskobystrický kraj,
11 per cent increase over the last week
Lung Diseases (ARO). A spokesman told her
Bystrický RÚVZ Mária Tolnayová.

"From these diseases swine flu and similar diseases
(CPPO) recorded a 12 per cent increase last week
More cases. This year compared to the same period last year
The number of AROs increased by 11 per cent and CPPO to 85 per cent,

Tanyne's words are benzbobicosis disease data
Doctors and teens accounted for 47% of Rode's 62%
Adult public lawyers in the area. These doctors
An incident that may have severe breathing did not happen
(SARI), or other serious illnesses every day
EPIS has been registered with the system.

"RÚVZ was busy in the 46th calendar of the week
In Banskobystrický area, 4831 patients ARO represent disease
In the care of doctors, there were 1430 people for 100 thousand people
Report this week. Influenza and similar diseases have also occurred
More than 1,000 people have been infected in 379 cases
Those who are familiar with doctors are living
Week "
The spokesman continued.

"Luronic, the Sovión,
Bansao Bistrica and Rey. Influenza and similar diseases are the highest
Lusennek, Polar, Bansaga Bestrica, and Bansakaka Stavīnna districts.
When considering age, AR and CHO are applicable to adults
The economically active population, the primary school's primary and the smallest
Children between 0 and 5. This is the lowest rate of these diseases
This time around the seniors, "Torna said.

Speaker was added when compared to 45th calendar week
The number of complications from respiratory infections has decreased. Coming over
High respiratory infections and influenza were complicated by inflammation
(49 cases), mid-ear swelling (19) and 13 cases

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