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There is an envy academic duck in Europe. It's about 14 million. eur – Other – football – sports

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Information about Dah Dunajská Streda.


FACEBOOK most Skawk Football tournament The DJ 1904 started with the participation of Dunzhskst Stade, the Yugoslav Academy started the MoL Football academy on Friday.

10 regular pools, seven green grass,
Both of them are heated. There are three artificial grass and complex games
There are three separate players.

Lawns are ten-hectares of land in the 18th Academy
Ha "We spoke the first time we were building 3.5 years ago
The academy, some believed. One of the modernest modern academies today
In Slovenia, even in the central European region, we do not have to face difficulties, "he said
The club's owner Oscar Wheelaji said in a press conference.

The MOL Football Academy costs 14 million euros. Slovak
Football Association (SFZ) Hungarian Football Association gave $ 500,000
(MLSZ) with $ 2 billion worth of 100 million Faroes (about 6.5 million euros), 300 million
Farinwagen (about 1 million euros) is from the Betin Garber Foundation. It's dock
He shared 6 million Euros and 3 players with the club's contribution and the other half

"When we decided to build such a academy, that's what we need
Budget. We calculated how we calculate two million
We can provide from our resources. We had two options
Do anything smaller and big, or do what we want –
Create an academy on European level. I'm looking for resources from SFZ
We did not promise much to us, we searched for our Hungarians
Helped. "

The view of the main building of the academy.

The view of the main building

Author: Dak Denazzi Stredra

In Django Stida, they finished their work in the main stadium
A budget is € 29 million, and the club will finance it for an academy
From different sources. They will call the meeting on February 16
Formula League's 19th round with Skel Slave bratislava.

"One of the buildings in academy will have a basic A-team
A club needs the basic infrastructure, its spirit players, trainers,
Employees and fans. The academy's mission is to teach the players
International football. We made the first step, and now it is very important
The whole day works for the success we expect, "he adds

The DAC currently records an average of 7500 viewers
Increase in foundation building.

Youth Sports Advisor Christian Nemet offers cooperation
Along with the A-Team Petrol Highball Coach.

"The club's philosophy is clear, we want to play with the young,
Talented footballers. The average is now
For 22 years, we have to be in the future for the team.
Today we train about nineteen to seven or seven players. Trainer Hybol
Bring them to a smaller stage. I'm proud of you,
There is such a beautiful place in our area. Pre-determined goals are essential
This world's academy is made up of Master's
Level. The ambassador must be the highest, the academy should be a driving machine
In the future, the best, "said Namnet.

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