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Third wedding in Parisova of Jyotir Anita! Celebrity guests are missing


Anita Parišová big day! After two unsuccessful marriages Favorite Presenter Released Her chosen Purushartha was Miroslav, who is a US. Works in Silicon Valley, USA. The pair said their "yes" at 4 o'clock in the afternoon In Bratislava. In addition to the family, JoJo's co-workers were invited to the ceremony, and on the big golden day there were no more than 200 invited people. And fitness with her husband Peter Zora Czaborova. She chose a beautiful silver gown. One Parišková wedding was announced on social networks This afternoon soon after

Slovak Gala of the year: Anita Periszova and Miroslav Polakovich.

Slovak Gala of the year: Anita Periszova and Miroslav Polakovich.

Source: Emil Waikko

"This evening will be wonderful and I'm waiting for it already! We are invited to marry Anita Periscovski with my husband, I am waiting for her happiness, she is my wonderful person, strong and 100% girlfriend. I have never been disappointed in important situations, a strong woman, and after 3 months work, I can wear beautiful clothes for which I thank you Schedules I, " Czoborová wrote. As we found out, Jojobarka invited her to the wedding Musician orange constellationThis week it's already another marriage. Anita did not leave the opportunity and nothing for herself Third weddingYou were honestly preparing. Although it was running twice in the past She divorced twiceAnd he did not ignore the optimism and She saw the true man in Miroslaw

Pariscoz Aquamania

Periscossa was the first husband Czech entrepreneur David Dosacel With which you said "Yes" in 2006 And two years later his son Daniel was born (11). However, the couple started to go through a serious crisis and their divorce lasted a long time.

But then, unity Canadian Canadian Mark Found. And his relationship has taken a very fast pace. She was already going to get divorced proceedings With a pregnant belly, A child was waiting with Sedlmair. In May 2011, Periscova and Dossele finally divorced And she took Mark a few days later. But he did not even work with it. Although they were born two sons – Gabriel and Nathanko, In May 2015 Her fantastic appearance husband applied for divorce Color their wedding.


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