Monday , May 29 2023

Toyota has increased substantially, improving annual weather forecasting


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Japan's Toyota Camel car produces annual profit This is the best growth rate of the last year. This helped in continuous sales growth and cost effective expenses.

For the six months ended September, net profit was at $ 1.24 trillion ($ 9.63 billion). It is 16% growth year-on-year. It exceeds the expectations of analysts estimated at 10% of growth growth.

Sales grew 3.4 percent to 14.7 trillion yen. Car sales in Asia, North America and Europe continued to grow steadily throughout all major markets.

Nonetheless, profit loss promoted sponsorship costs. Qatar's Japanese consulting firm, TIW Sato Takad, said Qatar has a positive impact on the first months of the first month of Toyota Kirloskar Motors.

The company's revenues for the financial year ending March last year improved. Gross revenue is estimated to be 2.3 billion, which actually accounted for 2.12 billion yen profits. At the same time, Toyota's new prediction was predicted to have a weaker profit than the previous business year. Record record of 2.49 trillion yen was achieved.

US imports tariff in cars will increase the uncertainties about possible introduction. Washington has put this move down, but may change it later. "The risk of importing Japanese cars at this time is not a threat, but it is not, will depend on the outcome of US-Japan trade negotiations" Takad added.

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