Sunday , March 7 2021

Two giants marveled with the giant creatures, like a sea worm

The number of fuels is hundreds of animals.

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It seems like a huge alien ocean that can be more richer than a man. These eight meters "marine moth" is not actually an animal.

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This is called a feast, which is a large colony of hundreds of small mulberry trees. Individuals connect and share their body tissues. As a result, the colony may be too long.

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An eight meter colony in the video also saw two cameras on a diving voyage on New Zealand's volcano island.

"I'd always like to see you," says Washington Post's Steve Havado's diving team.

Oceans in the sea determine a large amount of ocean currents and waves. It can lead through jet propulsion.

It is a placenta who draws water from the sheep. They eat food. A departing opening from behind after exudes a colony in the body of water burns.

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