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Unexpected Bold Laughter: First without the MEGA Pump, and then on

Maria Siriou was born on November 20, 1988. Singer, songwriter, music composer. After winning the Coca-Cola Popstar Contest, she was awarded with the Golden Fame Award for the Discovery of the Year Award for the following year.

In 2008, Maria won a music competition. That's exactly 10 years since the musical admission of the musician. In addition, he celebrates one of his thirties, so he decided to work with his 3 One & 1Only Mária Chírová galaconcer in these two major events. This will be held in Inchebe on November 24th. The ticket is available on the pre-salmon portal.

Essential singer Maria Chivora

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María fans were amazed to surprise this event. There was a very interesting photograph abroad. In the first film of the first film without a mega portrait. And that's just a revelation.

On the first page of the magazine Brzez, finally, the singer went on and had an album. However, if someone expects first order monetocytes, he will be disappointed. Of course, photographer Čírová sexy, but not an obscene shot of an innovative picture. Mary has overtaken her females, so the hidden ones are hidden.

Unexpected laugh Laughter: First

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