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Vaccinations should also be considered for pregnant women. They can protect the child – a healthy life – a woman

Pregnant pregnancy

Needless to say, pregnant women can vaccinate before.


Immunodeficiency changes in women's immune system during pregnancy make it much easier to develop infectious diseases.

In the pregnancy, swine fever can cause serious complications
Not only the future mother but also the fetus. In some cases, this can happen
Death. This topic was reported by Miroslav Kotak, the gynecologist
Vaccination of pregnant women.

A woman gynecologist must have done everything before pregnancy
Forced vaccines. A live vaccine should be given at least a month
Before the planned pregnancy. "Vaccination is the most important
Boys too were without a sheep. Vaccines can be inhaled
Pregnancy and pregnancy should be given before pregnancy.
All pregnant women should vaccinate against influenza.
Every year from October to December, immunization, such as diphtheria and tetanus, are also given
The black cough from 28 to 37 weeks of pregnancy, "said Kotek
Become a qualified physician who recommends vaccination on the basis of
The health and age of the patient

Côtek explained that the swine flu could cause a mother even during her pregnancy
The complexity of the fetus. He recalled that in 2009, he died due to an epidemic
SARI influenza in Slovakia, representing six pregnancies
46.15 percent cases.

Gynecologist points out that the epidemic of her mother's embryo is pregnant
Pregnancy may occur during pregnancy, but it can cause a feeling of miscarriage
During the first three months of pregnancy. He emphasized that there is flu virus
The fetus causes the nerve tube. Mothers and children must win
During the course of the chicken flue growth will slow down
Cervical life.

The gynecologist reminded me of alcohol addiction.
"Pregnant women reduce the risk of infecting the baby
Amma can give her medicine even if she is breastfeeding.
A woman who has not been vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria and black cough
Pregnancy should be vaccinated immediately after birth
The last five years have been vaccinated, "said Kotek, after changing pregnant women
Within two weeks, they create antibodies that flow smoothly

The doctor insisted that the vaccination of pregnant women is correctly recorded
She is safe for mother and baby.

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