Monday , January 25 2021

VB Bank supports payments by Google Pay

Customers of Wub banks do not need to take a card with them.

In any case, the card is still better to be efficient. Google Pay is fine and you can pay for a smartphone With Android and NFC support Or for example Clocks with Wear OS and NFC – You must enable the Google Pay app manually.

Sometimes, however, payment does not work without any complications, so the card is still better for being a backup solution. The reason is Complications on the part of some devices.

The Živé.sk server has published the ability to pay through the service Google Pay In the case of the above bank. It was not at the start of this payment service in Slovakia Wub Bank For the news included. Maybe so Since 1 January 2019, Because the business terms of payment for Google's service are on the first day of this year.

So far, you have been able to use Wave 2Pan, but it is not the most convenient way to activate your bank's customer line, especially if you change smartphones more often.

You make payment activation through the Google Pay application that you download from Google Play. The service is now accepting bank cards. If you have previously added it, like paying for apps and games from the store, just confirm that you want to activate this tab.

Add another After validation code will be sent to your smartphone and confirmed, your card will be ready for NFC payment by VUB bank. In our case, the card has been authorized three times for the amount of $ 0.00, which we received from our bank.

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