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Video: The Illuminator Spirit Represents Richard Müller Standalone. See unique clip

8 Hour (s) Ago

Two special musicians of his generation and genre, Magazine Spirit and Richard Muller, the song & # 39; I'm Not Here Buy Event & # 39; Joining in The result is an artistic video clip shot with a visual message in a high-quality, music-pure single text and with experienced director Roland Wornick.

"Richard is a legend that I really appreciate, and I thought I was going to be a part of the song." When I was preparing for my current album, which was called by this song, I was planning to use the song's proposal Christ's Year. Because Richard liked it, I decided to try it. I think the result is excellent, at least I'm really happy, "he said Magazine Spirit.

"I've been looking at the light for a long time, I love what I like, and when he was approaching me for cooperation, I wanted to accept it. He asked me first whether he could use my song lyrics Christ's Year. He sent me a recording and it was very good. Then came the song I'm not a coincidence. Majka wrote a text that really addressed me. When we recorded the song, I noticed that my voice was totally & # 39; vogue & # 39; Was there. I was a little uncertain, but I knew that when they sent me a recording, I could not stop it if I did not like it. However, when I heard it, it was nice. Young people know what they are doing and, above all, how they should do it. Hip-hop is a legitimate style, such as pop, jazz, rock or look like. I do not think why styles should be attached, "she congratulates her cooperation Richard Müller.

Three connected fate

Video clip I'm not a coincidence Perhaps the first time the fan will not reveal anything, but with other ideas its metaphor has become clear. It's actually a short film with three futuristic connected ones. Unfortunate mother, confident soldier and refugee, each has its own difficulties, which are partly related and everyone has to learn something. Roland Wernick He collaborated with Cameraman on his work PhilipOm MarekMan, has taken care of the product Lucia Uharinova And Peter Haldik. Artistic clip does not just have an interesting link, it is also exceptional in art. This was done by London Cheet Studio.

"I want to make a clip that will be totally different from what I've done so far." There is a very strong text with the message in the song that everything is connected to each other and every thing, thing, thing, whatever, affects others. First describes the unhappy mother in her current relationship, who gives ego to another soldier who hurts others but she can not understand and is the last refugee story, because she concludes that her life is connected to each other. It's primarily that if we experience any kind of pain, we learn through it, "explains Roland Warwick.

Magazine Spirit recently released its new album, which both fans and critics describe as the best and most courageous in their careers. This time he has been invited by many singers and singers. In addition to Richard Muller, they also organize the recording Mataji Vavra (Gifts) Monica Boomway (Cairo) Anita Soul (Zenith) a Veronica Stracocova, Song of song 33 You can also hear it in an external video clip I'm not a coincidence. The new album will feature a 34-year rubber on the Spring Tour starting in Prague from March 15. It will be released in Brno (29.3), Banská Bystrica (30.3), Bratislava (6.4) and Humannom (12.4.). See the official website for details.

More video clips from the album do not have to be here:

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Eva Sladkova of Propaganda House provided information and photos from Hubaba. We've made changes to the print report.

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