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We're facing problems: parents should think about their own


The numbers are really scary. Over the past nine years, the newly discovered mental illness has increased to 72.1 per cent for children and adolescents.

Each child deserves the love and attention of parents. In the earliest form, they may have serious serious psychological problems, which can then be something more serious.

Emotional and behavioral disorders

According to the findings of the National Health Information Center (NCCI) Pediatric patients aged 14 who are treated regularly at the Aviation Clinic:

– Behavioral Disabilities

– emotional issues

Two things that usually start from childhood It is 59% in adolescence.

Following Disasters:

– Mental development

– Norotik

– Concerned with stress

– Somatica Disorders

Mental backwardness

We know that life also produces harsh conditions. We do not know how to deal with it easily. However, children are the least bit of all negative feelings.

It will not go to them. It has also praised a psychiatric psychiatrist who has had 40 years of experience in education. Lýdia Adamcová.

"It's not creative thinking, but the negative attitude of children to the negative thoughts, legitimate thinking or the negative thoughts of the parents.

If you use proper experiences and proper thinking in a timely manner, such as childhood and childhood, children can reduce suicide, suicide, suicide, bullying and other such problems. "The psychologist says the importance of good attitude is the child's life.

Of course, it is impossible to be happy and positive every day, and children often need to know negative feelings. How well do you see them?

It is natural to lose a child

We never talk about love, interest, and happy moments. It is not worth losing one of your parents.

"We can not overstate parental stress, their fatigue, partner problems, financial problems, relation concerns, their lab, and nervous response after returning from work.

It is a reality every day, and parents should think that their children have learned it too. Children also experience these daily realities, but in the background the family should be emotionally stable and secure.

Provide good and negative qualities to educated children. The child always wants something more, so he has to face losses. For example: & # 39; If you need a new toy, The childhood specialist explains.

Understand that the child still underpins the stability of their parents and then know how easy it is to process more negative emotions …

Good childhood is the gift you are sending … a child psychologist …

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